Headlice: Annoying Little Beggars

Whenever someone mentions headlice to me I start to scratch, why is that? (Sorry for those now itching away).

While a headlice infestation isn’t the most pleasant subject to write about anyone with children with tell you that this can be a real problem. Neither of mine *touch wood* have had headlice but the threat is ever present and as we not longer have Nitty Nora checking us regularly at school outbreaks seem to be more widespread and certainly longer lasting.

On that itchy note, this information from Lyclear will hopefully help answer any questions you might have about headlice.

Headlice Infographic – An infographic by the team at Lyclear

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  1. We’ve had it. We now comb through with the lice comb (both of us) once a week. Lashings of conditioner and comb through hoping not to see any little buggies on the tissue that you wipe the comb with between combs. Usually you know if you have it because you scratch but sometimes you could have just the eggs and not know about it. The comb gets rid of the eggs as well. One disadvantage of living in a hot country. Btw – I never had it in 20 years of being a teacher until my daughter brought them home from nursery. So it’s only a problem if your child is pre-adolescent. And even then, we just deal with it.

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