The Christmas Preparation Starts Here

My favorite family decorating picture - this is Kieran and I
My favorite family decorating picture – this is Kieran and I


I know, I know! It is November and us Christmas loons need to sort ourselves out and put a hold on our festive cheer so ridiculously early, and all that jazz. As it happens I do agree that playing Christmas music in stores on the first of November could be a little premature but as for the rest….. I can’t wait to get started!

Christmas is a very special time for us, not just Roy, myself and the boys but my whole family as I am one of six siblings and we still all go to Mum and Dad’s house on Xmas every year to exchange gifts with each other before going off to attend to our own fabulous Christmas day traditions. Obviously with so many siblings, so many extra family members and SO many fun events to attend before and during Christmas it makes sense for us to start early.


This week I set myself a list of “Christmas things to do” and here is what I have achieved:

Check gifts: I save with Park during the year and so in October I received a wad of vouchers for use against my Christmas present buying. I have also been picking things up as and when I’ve seen a suitable bargain. This week I took everything down, checked what I have against my master list and reminded myself of what I need to get still.

Gather Inspiration: I adore Christmas magazines (although still can’t get my hands on the Good Housekeeping Christmas Edition!) and build a healthy collection before the season is out. I have also been spending an obscene amount of time pinning crafts and recipes on Pinterest.


Start Stockpiling: The idea was to go to Lidl, get a few festive goodies to put away and not eat any of them. I did buy festive goodies….. that is all I have to say on that.

Get Wrap and Cards: Done! If I’d been very clever I’d have bought sellotape too but hey-ho, I need to leave something for next week.

Slim For Santa: Every year I give my slimming journey an extra kick so I will *hopefully* look better in Xmas photos. This year I have decided that I am being ridiculous and unrealistic and am looking forward to a relaxed and sensible but not so much slimming Christmas.

All in all I think my Christmas prep so far is going pretty well, what do you think? Are you super-organised and have you started ticking things off a master list yet?

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  1. My goodness Nicki, aren’t you organised? I suppose you have to be with such a big extended family! Haven’t even thought of Christmas yet. I thought I would be alone, but a friend in Madrid has expressed a desire to join me. So that will be a bit more jolly, except she’s a vegetarian, so no turkey lurkey, I’m afraid. Not the same without turkey!

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