Using Interior Design to Bridge the Office / Bedroom Divide

I have posted many times before about my bedroom being the one room in the house that doesn’t seem to get any attention. It is a brilliantly laid out room with a fireplace and two large sash windows and all of my furniture is white and wooden. Being such a big room part of it has been earmarked as my office as during the day no-one else is using it and I love working in such a bright and light room.

The problem with having your office in your bedroom however is that it sometimes loses the “soft” and relaxed feel your bedroom should have. To combat this I’ve chosen my desk and furniture carefully and have been pleased with the way that the office and the bedroom blend as such so that we are not sleeping in a room filled with eyesore metal furniture. My filing cabinet is even cleverly hidden behind a white shaker style door.

The room has still been missing something and I felt it needed something more feminine that worked with the space and made sure that the room was a relaxing and warm bedroom first and an office second. I decided then that the bed should be the focal point and while looking at the bedding at Argos I came across the perfect solution, the Province bedspread and duvet set from the Catherine Lansfield Signature Home range. Together these make up a truly beautiful bed.

The quality of the king size duvet is undeniable and it looks fabulous against the accompanying bedspread (which is now my favourite thing in the room). The bedspread is perfect for layering up during colder nights and of course may be used on its own when the summer eventually comes around. Roy likes the design too (not too girly for him) and we are both really pleased with how the room has worked out.

So, what do you think? Have I pulled off the bedroom / office balance effect properly? Do you like the office / bedroom combo? I might have to sleep on it more to be sure but so far I think it all looks great and it feels a nice place to work and relax.


bedroom office
bedroom office

*This piece was written in collaboration with the mentioned business


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