It’s a Girl!

Nooooo – I am not pregnant! My fabulous sister and brother in law have however just had a beautiful baby girl. I can’t post pics or details as it isn’t my news but needless to say.. she is perfect! (Beautiful enough to make me a little broody but don’t worry, a few cuddles from my new niece will satisfy me).

What this means of course is that I can enjoy baby shopping once more! Christmas is coming up and of course it is my prerogative as an Aunt to enjoy both practical and fanciful shopping fun. Baby Lurve has been brought to my attention and is another site which I love to browse as it offers everything from practical items such as everything you need for bathing and travelling, lovely gifts, toys and gifts for Mum.

skip hop playmat

The gifts for Mum stuff I really do like. I remember when I’d had Kieran him being gifted with a great pile of fabulous gifts. I was really surprised to receive a “new Mum” gift or two for me and the  same and again when Taylor was born. After feeling grotty towards the end of both pregnancies (and wanting someone to “sew me up so I don’t have to do that again” after Kieran) these little treats were just lovely. Now I make sure that when someone close to us has a baby that I don’t forget something for the new Mum, even if it just some flowers or something calming for the bath.

Skip hop for mum

One of my favourite ranges on the site however is the Skip Hop range. These I have had experience of myself and my two love them. This monkey lunch bag went down a treat with Kieran for pre-school and was pinched by Taylor when old enough too.



For bright and innovative design Skip Hop is right up there. Their owl design is one of my favourites and I’m very tempted to buy something for myself as sadly my too prefer more zoo-like animals than owls. If you are looking for gifts, treats and more practical items do have a look, you may well be surprised by how reasonable they are price-wise!

Skip HopOwl


My question for you today is: What was the one gift you received, either for yourselves as new parents or for your little one which you remember the most? I was given the Hungry Caterpillar book as a gift for my eldest when he born and it is a household favourite still.


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