Garden Activities for Kids

I love Pinterest. There are so many boards dedicated not only to gardening but gardening and garden-related activities with kids. I used to have a 80ft long garden which anyone who knows me is hysterical as I can’t mow the lawn straight let alone make anything grow. I am however skilled at growing the most hardy varieties of weeds.

I am that mum who enthusiastically brings her child’s first beanstalk project home and then kills it. I might have done something to the cress too. I did try recently to recreate a clever idea I saw on Pinterest which included re-growing spring onions using the bits that you lop off the onions when you make your salad, but I forgot about it and the water went a bit yucky and I had to throw them out.

Clearly being green fingered is not a skill I possess however I do feel it is something important for the kids. Kieran is nearly 7yrs old and would love his own plot to fill with Vegetable Plants. At 2yrs old Taylor would thoroughly enjoy digging and helping out too.

My 80ft long garden has now gone and I have a paved garden (much more suitable for me) with some raised up beds. They really are lovely with poppies and all sorts in there adding height and colour to the garden however I want to use some of it for a herb garden or for a “Grow Your Own Veg” section for the boys.

Given that I actively avoid supermarkets, enjoy organic fruit and veg and what not it makes sense to try and persevere (I might need to do some reading up I think) with some clearing and planting and to give the boys the opportunity to grow something all of their own. I remember having a section of a garden when I was a young child where my Dad let me grow herbs, mostly mint in abundance, and it was great fun.

Perhaps if I just supervise and let them do everything without me touching anything will work?

I am determined so watch this space. If you have any great tips for gardening with kids or if any of you bloggers have posts on the subject say hello in the comments below and use the CommentLuv to leave the urls. I can’t be the only terrible gardening parent surely….. can I?

He enjoyed this activity (I might have killed the plants off with too much watering though)
He enjoyed this activity (I might have killed the plants off with too much watering though)


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