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I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you don’t dress your window right that you won’t feel the room is ever complete. This is where I am at the moment. As regular readers will know we moved in October last year and since January have been trying to get the house the way we want it. So far so although we have plenty of things left to do.

Next up we really need to look at our windows. Being an old house we have 1) LOTS of windows and 2) Different shapes and sizes. Oh what fun! As yet I’m undecided as to whether web-blinds, nets or window film is best for us.

Window Film
In our previous home we used window film to create privacy, eliminate nasty nets and still allow the light in. Originally we had decided that we would use the same again however our front window is a big bay window and even only using film half way up (I.e. above nosy passer-by level) the cost is going to be prohibitive. While the film for the old house was great for stopping any and all gawkers it did mean that I would have to run upstairs if I want to be a nosy mare myself as I couldn’t see through the film and in this house I wouldn’t be able to have a quick nosy around the curtain to see who is at the door. I was thrilled with the effect at the old house but I’m not convinced it will work here.

Also, our windows here are all big sash windows which mean when open then film won’t do a thing for privacy.

Our lounge window complete with window film over at the old house. Looked good but I'm not sure it will work here and besides, Roy said he'd divorce me if I made him use the stuff again (it can be a bit of a pain)
Our lounge window complete with window film from Purlfrost over at the old house. Looked good but I’m not sure it will work here and besides, Roy said he’d divorce me if I made him use the stuff again (it can be a bit of a pain)

Don’t get me wrong, nets are fabulous for ensuring some aspects of privacy. Nowadays there are so many different designs and types that creating a style that is suitable is easy. We currently have nets in the lounge which “will do” for now however they are starting to fray and I can’t have frayed nets on display to the neighbours! The added bonus of course of nets is that they are so cheap. I think we will have nets in our bedroom as we have two sash windows we have open at night yet the front of our house is overlooked so I’d like something that lets the breeze in and the spectators out.


I’ve never had blinds. They aren’t as cheap as nets however look like, certainly for the lounge window, to be the right solution. My big bug bear (remembering that the front of the house faces the street) is that Roy and now even 6yr old Kieran regularly close the curtains when the TV is on or the computer so that they can block the sun out and reduce glare. This drives my batty for some reason! I really dislike curtains closed during the day, don’t ask me why, it just bugs me. I’m guessing that if we had vertical blinds installed it would please everyone. I’ve had a look online and there are some lovely designs available which will do the job yet not “spoil” my vintage-style lounge.

I’m still uncertain as yet which way we’ll go. I think I’ve talked myself out of film this time so perhaps a mixture of nets and blinds as appropriate. What do you have? Do you have blinds and if so do you find them easy to clean and look after? Can you think of alternatives that won’t cost me the earth? I’d love to hear from you with window dressing know-how as at the moment we are still at the drawing board.



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