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  1. Sort passports early. It takes about six weeks to get your first ones back. The Post Office does a service where they’ll check your application form for about £8. I’ve used it and found it worthwhile – it’s saved me getting an incorrectly filled out form bounced back to me.

    Get Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally as well as your own medical insurance. Your EHIC shows your entitled to the same free health care as a Spanish resident, but doesn’t cover things like medical repatriation or private treatment which your travel insurance should.

    You can buy insurance as part of a package or separately through your insurers or travel agents. It might be worth checking with your bank as some current accounts include travel cover too. It’s really boring, but check the small print and tell them about any pre-existing conditions before you travel.

    (As an Evernote user I’m sure you’ll grab photos of all your important docs like passports, EHICs, tickets, insurance policies and stick them in a note. If you can add them as favourites on a mobile device you’ll always have a copy in your pocket, or be able to get hold of them anywhere you can beg a bit of internet time.)

    Travelling with kids is fine. It’s like doing anything else with them though; have snacks and entertainment or activities to hand and be prepared for the unexpected.

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