Toddler Room Inspiration Required

The kitchen is in hand, the playroom is getting there and the lounge is a work in progress therefore I’d say we were doing quite well with Operation Add Our Own Style so far. The boy’s rooms are the perplexing ones. The 6yr olds bomb-site aside for a moment, it is the toddler’s room is in need of some TLC first.

Taylor doesn’t spend a huge amount of time in his bedroom to be honest, he is two. When he isn’t asleep or out and about he tends to be in the playroom. That said his room currently sports a Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed, mismatched bedding and two jute bags full of toys. Needless to say it needs to be a more functional yet fun room.

The room itself isn’t very big, being just 8’08” x 7’01” (2.64m x 2.16m) however that is more than adequate space for a little one and the chances are, when he is big enough for sleepovers and friends playing in his room he’ll swap with his big brother who by that stage will need a bed, a wardrobe and a desk and will be approaching brooding teenage-dom.

My problem is, I don’t know where to start. His clothing is all kept on our landing in a lovely old set of drawers which frees up play room and stops him getting everything out or pulling on his drawers. He has a lot of books (adores story time), teddies and there are some toys which would work better for him upstairs rather than down. The walls are magnolia and the ceilings are high. That is as far as we’ve got with this room.

Ideally I’d like some sort of wall art (if removable later then all the better), a child-friendly way to store books and toys for easy access and tidying up and something to soften the room up a bit. Any ideas? I don’t want to spend a vast amount as the chances are I will be changing his room again in a few years and I don’t fancy painting or carpeting as they are new-ish and absolutely fine.

What have you added to your toddler’s room to make it colourful and entertaining? If you have ideas, please share.

Taylor in the toddler bed



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