A Cawood Easter Weekend

I’ve been looking forward to Easter for ages. Not only do we get the long weekend off work (I haven’t popped up to the office once – honest), both Roy and the kids are at home for the rest of these week too. I will no doubt have to nip off and do some work at some point but overall everything feels very relaxed.

Relaxed though it has been so far we’ve definitely been busy!

My grown-up dining room finally called time on the on-going fight against being transformed into a playroom with a dining table…

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The Easter Bunny came and brought all manner of goodies (less chocolate and more creative fun – and Club Penguin for Kieran).

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Then I took delivery of a Singer sewing machine, a gorgeous clock and ornament for just £15 to add to my vintage home / styling project.

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Roy has been very busy too – his is renovating the workshop / garage to create a Man Den. Think beer fridge, dartboard and somewhere he can chop, saw and create without my threatening him with violence for sawing in the kitchen again. We found some more vintage items hidden away in the walls too which was a bonus.

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Quite a busy weekend so far! What have you been up to?




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