Holiday outings and no dramas – hopefully!

The Easter holidays have arrived and before we know it the long summer holidays will be here. Six or seven weeks of trying to keep the kids entertained and fit in as many cultural, educational and downright fun days possible before the new term starts.

I don’t drive (I know, shocking!) but my wonderful cheerful chauffer of a husband does and our weekend and holiday day trips out are absolutely fantastic. From castles to the beach, up onto the North Yorkshire Moors or just finding a new wide open green places to have a picnic and kick a ball around!

As all parents do we make sure we are properly prepared. We have changes of clothes, sun-creams and hats, first aid kit, phones, money and change for parking, plenty to drink, snacks and all of the other 101 things that can’t be forgotten when going out with small children. We take extra care not to forget anything and so that nothing can spoil our precious memory-making days out.

For this reason, and of course for safety-sake we make sure the car is properly prepared too. Roy checks the oil, water, petrol, tyres and makes sure we are ready to go. We always carry our roadside assistance cards (my idea of hell is being stuck somewhere remote with kids in the car) and of course have adequate car insurance.

We have been very lucky and have had no major dramas on our holidays or days out but many people have. Have you had a disaster when out in the holidays? Have you lost something or got lost? Have you broken down or forgotten something essential? I’ve heard some right tales on Twitter and Facebook, do you have a holiday near-miss to share?

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