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We are going to Legoland this year, or so my five year old son tells me. Looking on the Legoland website it would cost us as a family if we pay on the day £108.57 for a day pass to get in. For one day. Just one. I love Lego as much as the next person but this is not small change and if I wasn’t able to use my Tesco Clubard vouchers as part of the Clubcard Rewards scheme it may be a no- go.

If I use Clubcard vouchers I can get a day pass for £11.50 per person. Obviously I’ve had to use the calculator for this but by my reckoning I can get us all in for £34.50 in Clubcard vouchers. The debit card is safe!

This won’t be the first time we have used Clubcard vouchers for holidays, activities and treats. Last year we enjoyed a visit to Drayton Manor and have a fantastic time in Thomasland, again without having to pay a penny for the entrance fee.

There are over 600 rewards available including days out, restaurants, magazine subscriptions and hotel accomodation. You can exchange your clubcard vouchers for up to four times their face value to spend on rewards and really make the most of them. Basically every £5 in vouchers is worth £20 when you spend them on a reward. Tesco regularly add new rewards and with the February statements due any day now, why not visit the site and have a browse. With Valentines Day around the corner I might point Roy in the direction of the jewellery section. Knowing my luck he may end up looking at the activity days but either way we can treat each other and save some pennies doing it.

We enjoying treating ourselves using our Tesco Clubcard vouchers. It’s great to take the kids out all over and still have the funds left for even more treats and adventures.

You can find out more about the Clubcard Rewards scheme on the Clubcard Deals page. The hardest part is narrowing down what you want to spend the vouchers on!




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  1. Tesco and Boots points have me addicted. Who doesm’t love feeling like they are getting rewared though. Especially just for shopping!

  2. good article…but 100 quid for legoland entry!? that’s scandalous. thank goodness you didn’t pay that. do you know if you can use the clubcard points in conjunction with the 2 for 1 vouchers you sometimes get in newspapers?

    1. Personally I think having the family’s combined body weight in Lego means this IS Legoland but apparently I’m mistaken.

      Check the terms and conditions on the Clubcard rewards page for the reward you are interested in. You use your vouchers to buy tickets / passes via Tesco – so the venues don’t accept the vouchers themselves.
      The best way to be sure is to check.

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