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329 comments / Online Doctor To Prescribe Tramadol

  1. I the whole book is great, just click on an item and you get all the info, nice and easy. My favourite page if the gift bags and wrapping, especially the gift wrapping video. I love wrapping presents up and its given me some new ideas. Thanks Tesco

  2. I would have to go with the Teen Boys Page. When it comes time to ask my 15-year-old son what he would love for Christmas he usually comes up blank! Last year all he asked for was an Air fix model.
    where as my daughter gives us a list as big as my arm!!
    So I will certainly be looking there.
    Thank you for the inspiration..

  3. I love the Create Christmas section, the kids are now old enough that we dont have to have a tree covered in home made decorations and we can decide on a different look/theme, although at the moment we still cant all agree!! Great article and lots of lovely ideas

  4. My favourite section is Christmas trees. the “How to decorate a Christmas tree” video is fab. There are lots of ideas for themes & how to make decoring the tree a little easier (I always get tangled up in the lights!!)

  5. I like the ‘Gifts for her – Style essentials’, particularly the underwear section with the matching bra & knickers. It would be lovely to actually get some of these IN THE RIGHT SIZE from ny husband πŸ™‚ and I think with all the Xms parties etc the underwear would help to make you feel special. Even if you don’t have a new outfit, new underwear can make all the differecen

  6. I really love the Royal Albert 1960 Golden Rose Tea Set in the treats for her section (tasty treats). That tea set is really beautiful and so me. I also think my mum would love it too. There are lots of lovely things on there too, some some lovely p.js and some nice tree decorations too.

    Tweeted @angeldaisy2002


  7. Gifts For Younger Girls is my favourite page its a bounty of ideas for my youngest daughter this Christmas. My other daughter is 6 years older so its lovely to see the new gift ideas rather than sticking to what has gone before x

  8. I love the home comforts section! After spending weeks wondering what to buy everyone else, I hadn’t really thought about what I’d liked — but now I’ve came to realise the only thing missing in my life is a knitted hot water bottle cover! Mmmm, how cosy πŸ˜€

  9. I loved the page that showed Christmas gifts for babies as I have a young nephew that I will be getting a gift for and need some ideas as to what to get – there were some great book sets and activity toys that would be ideal for him!!

  10. I really like the “Create the scene” section. I have no imagination myself so this gives me chance to copy some of the amazing designer Christmas settings, table, tree etc. It is great help!

  11. I love the ‘setting the scene’ as I have never any idea of what to do with my tree and always have the modern dilemma of do we put tinsel on or not but got inspiration on this page with the lettering around tree. Brilliant idea.
    Merry Christmas

  12. I will be honest and say I usually plan presents for christmas in advance, and if I pick anything up from a supermarket its usually as a stocking filler. I had a good look over this and there are lots of nice prices attached to the gifts, but they aren’t much cheeper than high street prices. I found the teen section to be orientated towards boys more than girls, but I think I will grab some of the lip glosses for my daughter when I go shopping as they were not too bad a price.

    The online mag is a good idea, especially enviromentally friendly rather than being popped a paper version through the post, it will make shopping for extra gifts that little bit easier. @stralisemiai

  13. I’m loving the Create Christmas section especially the Festive Tableware. For the past few tyears we’ve either gone to the in-laws or my parents for Christmas but this year it’s my turn to cook for everyone so I would love the table (and house) to look really festive.

  14. I love the Entertainment section . There’s brilliant deals on tv’s and plenty of DVD’s so no fighting over the festive viewing !

    I’m following Tesco Magazine on Twitter as @CRYSTALmse

  15. I love the Entertainment section . There’s brilliant deals on tv’s and plenty of DVD’s so no fighting over the festive viewing !

    I’m following Tesco Magazine on Twitter as @CRYSTALmse

    Thank You !


  16. What a great idea for the digital age; an interactive treat. I must confess though… the best page in this gift guide? Boxed Games. With all the wonderful gadgets and gifts available to us today, it’s heart-warming to see that the simple, nostalgic pleasure of a board game like Buckaroo or Scrabble might still be played by the family, as a family this Christmas.

  17. I love the ‘How to dress a perfect christmas tree section’ especially the video. It was very helpful. I love the idea of having a lovely looking tree as I think it’s the centrepiece for Christmas-the presents go round it, the decorations work with it. It is THE icon of Christmas. I will use this guide to help make my tree the best it can be!

  18. I loved the ‘how to dress the perfect christmas tree’, our trees never look like the ones in the magazines. Preparing for Christmas is a family affair with my children and grandchild helping me decorate. I always have something old, something new and something that Tescos sold .

  19. I like the gifts for him section best, but to be honest they missed the one thing a great many blokes love to get as a gift…tools. Even a small handy multi-tool will be better recieved than slippers or socks and may even get some wor done πŸ™‚

  20. I love how to dress the christmas tree section – we have a real one every year and although colour can look a bit busy – this would really help with my colour coordination for my tree!

  21. I love the Get the Look section – party time for her as I’m a big fan of fashion & try to follow the trends & am always looking for new ideas on what I can wear, especially during the festive period so I look my best at home & when I go out!Loving the video on how to do your hair and makeup! Really need tips on perfecting my makeup.. Fab section & gorgeous clothes & accessories.

  22. I love the Christmas setting the scene page, added bonus of the video really helps me to achieve the perfect family Christmas setting imaginable! Idiot proof I like, lol. xx

  23. I love the Create Christmas section. To me buying new decorations to fit a different theme every year really gets me in the festive spirit and I love the ‘Gold Christmas’ theme, it is so classy rather than tacky (which I have to admit I usually go for.)

  24. I love the Create Christmas section. I have only just moved into my own house so this year I can go mad with decorations, this gives me lots of hints and tips on how to keep things tasteful and where I should start.

  25. Got to be How to dress the perfect christmas tree, I am in charge of tree decorating in our house and this has some great tips. Hopefully I will wow folk this year!

    @psychicsheep on twitter

  26. I love the finishing touches page – Christmas is just not Christmas without all the sights and smells of Christmas… Could almost do without presents, as long as I have those πŸ™‚

  27. Goodness, how many entries?!!!!

    Not sure why I am bothering but a 1 in 237 chance is better than a 1 in not even bothering, so what the heck!!!!

    I LOVE the “how to wrap” section…Every year I have visions of beautifully wrapped and crafted gifts…sadly that is not the reality…this year I live in hope that I may have brown papered packages with silver and gold and homemade stampers….the reality will be hastily wrapped no doubt πŸ˜‰

    Love S.A.M xx

  28. I love the Get The Look page as I always find it hard to wear something stunning in winter when it’s cold outside, but this gives some great ideas

  29. Loving the red christmas tree decorations. Its our first year in our new home and we didn’t know what to do with, with regards to tree colouring. After reading all the decorations articles, we’ve decided to go red and green and properly traditional! Great read πŸ™‚

  30. Mine has to be the ‘Create Christmas’ section.
    Im forever redecorating, so I love seeing what I can buy and what theme I can do for Christmas. I spend a fortune on xmas decs, and have 3 trees in different colours in the loft, but need to buy a new one as none of them go with my current colour scheme! Looking forward to a very natural/traditional themed christmas this year!

  31. I absolutley love the create christmas page it is full of amazing ideas and beautiful decorations. But what I loved the most was the how to videos they gave some good tips and they looked so festive.
    Overall the whole guide is brilliant especially if your stuck for ideas the guide just gives you a nudge in the right direction all in all a great success for tescos. :)xx

  32. The page with the board games for Christmas. We have decided to have a more traditional Christmas. All our Christmas deocrations are being home made and I am getting my grnadson board games…so we can all play together. Great ideas on this page

  33. Oooooh, you’re right it is really Christmas-y and gorge! Before i burst into an out of tune rendition of Jingle Bells…. my fave part of the ezine is Setting the Scene. Always love new ideas for making the Christmas table look lovely… πŸ™‚

  34. I love the ‘gifts for toddler boys’ page as it reminds me of how fun this christmas is going to be for us with our little one – he loves lights, has learnt how to unwrap things (and then play with the paper instead of the present lol)

  35. I was really inspired by the Create Christmas section-this is our first christmas at home as a family of three and i know it sounds silly but i just want it to be perfect.

    I got some great tips from the magazine-and have even shared some with my mummy friends.

    twitter[ @mariajkknight

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