The Tesco ezine gift guide and your chance to win a £100 gift card!

Christmas decorations are on sale, Christmas fairs and events are starting and before long the advent calendars will be opening. The festive season has definitely started!

Tesco recognise that are budgets are tight these days, and that everybody feels it even more at Christmas. A recent survey by a high street bank found that across the UK people will spend on average £378 on gifts alone for their immediate family. And that’s not including what we’ll spend on going out, eating and drinking over the festive season.

To celebrate the launch of their Christmas ezine Gift Guide, the lovelies from Tesco Magazine online would like to help with the load by offering one of my readers a 1 x £100 Tesco gift voucher.

For the first time, this year Tesco has created their Christmas Gift Guide exclusively online. This easy to navigate and quite frankly blooming gorgeous interactive ezine is packed with shopping inspiration, fashion and party glamour and sparkling ideas for festive entertainment. Be warned, it is not for anyone with scrooge-like tendencies as it is the ultimate festive feeling guide.

For gift ideas, gift wrapping, fashion inspiration for around the festive season and much more it really is a must read!

 The competition!

Visit the Ezine here and leave me a comment telling my what your favourite page is. For example my entry (if I were allowed) would be:

I love the Get The Look section, I never know what to wear on Xmas day that is comfortable but looks great in the photos!“.

It really is as simple as that. Do make sure that you are following Tesco Magazine on Twitter  for more chances to win gift vouchers and goodies for Christmas! Good luck all!

Terms and conditions

  • The competition ends midday on Monday 21st November. No entries after this time will be accepted.
  • The winner will be chosen by randomiser and contacted the same day. If the winner does not respond with their details before 5pm on Wednesday 23rd November a new winner will be chosen.
  • The prize is a 1 x £100 Tesco gift voucher, supplied by Tesco. No alternative can or will be offered.
  • You must be over 18 and based in the UK to enter.
  • Entrants must ensure they leave a way that they can be contacted if they are chosen as the winner.


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  1. I the whole book is great, just click on an item and you get all the info, nice and easy. My favourite page if the gift bags and wrapping, especially the gift wrapping video. I love wrapping presents up and its given me some new ideas. Thanks Tesco

  2. I loved the how to dress the perfect christmas tree. We had a real one last year and I vowed never to do it again so will definately look at the fake ones Tesco have to offer. Decorating the christmas tree is so exciting and it has given me plenty of ideas 🙂

  3. I love the tableware and the finishing touches sections – it gives some great ideas to impress my hugely fussy mother-in-law!

  4. The Amazon Kindle – I have lots of books and no space for them in the flat! With a kindle I could donate them to charity and still have my reading fix and hundreds of books to read.


  5. I would have to go with the Teen Boys Page. When it comes time to ask my 15-year-old son what he would love for Christmas he usually comes up blank! Last year all he asked for was an Air fix model.
    where as my daughter gives us a list as big as my arm!!
    So I will certainly be looking there.
    Thank you for the inspiration..

  6. I love all the sections, so easy to follow and full of goodies and everything you need for your home.

  7. I enjoyed looking through gifts for her section of the magazine for some great ideas for Christmas presents for my wife.

  8. I love the get the look party time for her, it’s always nice to be able to dress up at christmas & there’s some lovely outfits here

  9. I love the Entertainment page. It gives me lots of ideas of what to buy for the gamers in the family.

  10. I love the Create Christmas section. Lovely table settings, Christmas decorations etc.
    I could spend hours just browsing this section

  11. I love the kids gift ideas section. I can browse in peace and then pop into Tesco’s to pick up the presents when the kids are at school 🙂

  12. Love the how to dress a christmas tree section. I always start full of enthusiasm and get fed up as it looks more shabby and end up starting over!!!

  13. I love the Create Christmas section, the kids are now old enough that we dont have to have a tree covered in home made decorations and we can decide on a different look/theme, although at the moment we still cant all agree!! Great article and lots of lovely ideas

  14. Oh, the video on the “How to giftwrap” is a godsend!

    I have always been truly awful at wrapping Christmas present, especially if they’re not a CD(!), so that page looks very handy indeed.

  15. I love the create christmas section especially the finishing touches page! makes me feel all christmassy oh and that cushion is beautiful!

  16. I like the gift wrapping part. I’m always terrible at wrapping presents, so this is very useful for me.

  17. my favourite page is entertainment because i love the latest technology and seen a few things i would like to buy!

  18. My favourite page is the gaming page, I’ve been trying to decide on a console for my partner for Christmas and this page really helped me, the voucher will help me even more!

  19. My favourite page is the Create Christmas section, I love Christmas and buy new bits and bobs every year!

  20. My favourite section is Christmas trees. the “How to decorate a Christmas tree” video is fab. There are lots of ideas for themes & how to make decoring the tree a little easier (I always get tangled up in the lights!!)

  21. I love the gift wrapping section, my parcels always look secondhand by the time I have finished with them!

    following via GFC

  22. I love the womens style essentials page as I have no idea what’s in but the page gives me some great ideas!

  23. I think the Christmas Trees page is brilliant, especially the “How to decorate a tree” video.

  24. i love all the tips and ideas for a special christmas, the finishing touches page is my fav, some great ideas for a busy mum of 3 like myself, xxxx

  25. I loved the how to wrap a gift segment, as my skills were very poor but now i am a wrapping expert

  26. I love the gaming section – I’m on the lookout for a new family console game we can all play this Christmas.

    I’m @cheekychicken24 on Twitter x

  27. I love the Chritmas Treese ction – I’ve decided to buy a whole new set of decorations this year, so this is perfect for inspiration!

    Twitter: @Jenni000

  28. i love the how to dress perfect xmas tree page as I am useless at doing this and got some great ideas to try out this year!!!

  29. I love the Get The Look section, I never know what to wear on Xmas day that is comfortable but looks great in the photos!

  30. I like the time out section for mens gifts. I think the kindle would be the perfect gist for my husband.

  31. i love the create christmas gift bags & wrapping, im rubbish at wrapping so the video really has helped

  32. I love the gifts for boys and girls section as they give me ideas for things to put in my operation christmas child shoebox gifts.

  33. I loved the how to dress the perfect christmas tree, mine never comes out looking like the ones in the magazine as my children love to ‘help’ me decorate it 🙂

  34. I really liked the setting the scene page with its helpful video on how to lay a beautiful christmas table.I would be thrilled to have my table looking as lovely!

  35. I love the help with your tree section – last year I realised our tree a bit on the shabby side and chucked it out in January – time to start from scratch with some delightful new decorations from Tesco!

  36. I love the page with the table settings – I think I enjoy setting the table more than eating the dinner!

  37. i really like teh gift bags & wrapping section as i put a lot of thought into how my gifts are presented

  38. the Festive tableware section because i think it is very important and adds to the christmassy atmosphere 😀

  39. I like the Gifts for kids section as it provides me with inspiration for gifts for my niece and nephews.

  40. I love the “Create Christmas” section – with 22 for lunch this year I need inspiration to make my house look fabulous – and this has masses of ideas!

  41. I love the Red Christmas section – decorating the tree with my family was my fave part of Christmas growing up, and it still is now!


  42. I love the tableware and the finishing touches sections as i think it’s the little extra touches which make christmas special

  43. I love the Create Christmas section. The Christmas trees look absolutely magical, very inspiring.

  44. Gifts for her Style Essentials – the surefire way of looking great, feeling great and keeping up with those ever changing fashions!

  45. i love the get into character pages – its always so much fun to dress up and act silly!

  46. I like the ‘Gifts for her – Style essentials’, particularly the underwear section with the matching bra & knickers. It would be lovely to actually get some of these IN THE RIGHT SIZE from ny husband 🙂 and I think with all the Xms parties etc the underwear would help to make you feel special. Even if you don’t have a new outfit, new underwear can make all the differecen

  47. Create Christmas : Setting the Scene was really interesting.

    I’m @figgygee on Twitter

  48. I think it’s been put together, but my favourite page is the Gold Christmas inspiration page as we’re going for this colour scheme this year and it’s given me some great ideas.

  49. i like the how to dress your christmas tree, great tips, hope mines looks good this year

  50. i liked the gift wrappings page with the video ‘how to wrap gifts beautifully’ as mine always look like they’ve been wrapped by the dog!

  51. Thanks for the giveaway
    I love the F&F Girls fleece trapper hat, so cute, this will match a little coat I have bought.

  52. I love the board games page. I’ve always been a big fan of Monopoly and Scrabble, unfortunately nobody will play with me because I’m such a sore loser (or a VERY good player!).

  53. The entertainment page is a must,
    for information I know I can trust.
    That 3D television I’d love to dust
    but paying for Christmas I’ll be bust!

  54. I Love the “Gifts for Teens” guide as I always find it difficult to buy for my teenage nephew. It’s layout is great and very easy to see things.

  55. I love the Create Christmas part, showing different ways to make and do things, interesting.

  56. I love the winter style for her.. I deal for hen I alk my dogs in all weathers, always need to wrap up warm x
    thanks x

  57. I love the Tasty Treats section-full of ideas for presents for neighbours and children’s teachers etc.

  58. I really love the Royal Albert 1960 Golden Rose Tea Set in the treats for her section (tasty treats). That tea set is really beautiful and so me. I also think my mum would love it too. There are lots of lovely things on there too, some some lovely p.js and some nice tree decorations too.

    Tweeted @angeldaisy2002


  59. I like the ‘Create Christmas’ section best. The photos have so many great ideas that i could use for decorating my house and especially my tree and table.

  60. I really love the Create Christmas section, admiring all those Christmassy decorations, ornaments and table arrangements. I want them all!!


  61. Gifts For Younger Girls is my favourite page its a bounty of ideas for my youngest daughter this Christmas. My other daughter is 6 years older so its lovely to see the new gift ideas rather than sticking to what has gone before x

  62. I really like the Gifts for Him section, particularly the style essentials page as I’ve been really struggling to come up with ideas for hubby’s christmas presents!

  63. I love the Create Christmas section-it gives loads of ideas of decorating our tree and wrapping etc

  64. Loving the create christmas pages, lots of fab ideas,espeacially Red Christmas with all the red christmas decorations, for me just how christmas should be!

  65. I love the gifts for him time out page – i never know what to get my husband and he never knows himself. This page is perfect for me to choose from 🙂 @Jlnorris2010

  66. Definitely the “TASTY TREATS” page…most of all, the cookbooks!! I absolutely love cookbooks. Thank you so much for this giveaway! – also following on twitter @fluffyblueberry

  67. I like the how to wrap gifts video as I need tips! I also like the tasty treats for her section I will have to drop a few hints!

  68. I love the festive tableware section, it’s given me some great ideas and our Christmas table this year is going to look fantastic dressed in silver and red

  69. I love the tasty treats section because I think the making and sharing of food is the most wonderful thing!

  70. I love the gifts for boys, brilliant to have it online as all catalogues tend to get stolen and then ringed in this house

  71. I love the Get the look section – The ‘Winter Walks’ outfits looks very warm and comfortable, but yet looking stylish and elegant!!

  72. I love the Christmas decorations page some great ideas and decorations that are a bit different really love the red theme

  73. I love the home comforts section! After spending weeks wondering what to buy everyone else, I hadn’t really thought about what I’d liked — but now I’ve came to realise the only thing missing in my life is a knitted hot water bottle cover! Mmmm, how cosy 😀

  74. I love the Get The Look section, I never know what to wear on Xmas day that is comfortable but looks great in the photos!

  75. I love the Create Christmas section-it gives some great ideas about decorating the table and tree.x

  76. I like the gifts for kids section as I have a wide variety of children and ages to buy for. Any help gratefully received!

  77. I love festive tableware. I would not mind adding pretty crockery to my collection. I think my partner would object though 🙁

  78. I love the Gift bags and wrapping page, the cellophane makes the gifts look so special, but I’m not sure I’d want all that confetti lying around afterwards


  79. I love the page that shows how to lay a beautiful Christmas Table…something I never get right….fingers crossed this year!!!

  80. I loved the page that showed Christmas gifts for babies as I have a young nephew that I will be getting a gift for and need some ideas as to what to get – there were some great book sets and activity toys that would be ideal for him!!

  81. I really like the “Create the scene” section. I have no imagination myself so this gives me chance to copy some of the amazing designer Christmas settings, table, tree etc. It is great help!

  82. I loved how useful this is, gifts for all ages covered but my favouite was christmas crackers and setting the scene. I will try and set my table on christmas eve this year and not leave it till the last minuite

  83. I love the ‘setting the scene’ as I have never any idea of what to do with my tree and always have the modern dilemma of do we put tinsel on or not but got inspiration on this page with the lettering around tree. Brilliant idea.
    Merry Christmas

  84. I enjoyed the ideas for gifts on the gifts for her, home comforts page, as it made me feel very cosy and warm!

  85. I will be honest and say I usually plan presents for christmas in advance, and if I pick anything up from a supermarket its usually as a stocking filler. I had a good look over this and there are lots of nice prices attached to the gifts, but they aren’t much cheeper than high street prices. I found the teen section to be orientated towards boys more than girls, but I think I will grab some of the lip glosses for my daughter when I go shopping as they were not too bad a price.

    The online mag is a good idea, especially enviromentally friendly rather than being popped a paper version through the post, it will make shopping for extra gifts that little bit easier. @stralisemiai

  86. I love the christmas gifts so much to choose from for everyone. I wish I could buy it all.

  87. I loved the Board Games section.Gave me lots of ideas to hopefully coax my sons away from their computer games!

  88. I’m loving the Create Christmas section especially the Festive Tableware. For the past few tyears we’ve either gone to the in-laws or my parents for Christmas but this year it’s my turn to cook for everyone so I would love the table (and house) to look really festive.

  89. I love how to dress the perfect tree! this will help me, as each year I want to make my tree look better and better but it just gets worse and worse!

  90. I love the Entertainment section . There’s brilliant deals on tv’s and plenty of DVD’s so no fighting over the festive viewing !

    I’m following Tesco Magazine on Twitter as @CRYSTALmse

  91. I love the Entertainment section . There’s brilliant deals on tv’s and plenty of DVD’s so no fighting over the festive viewing !

    I’m following Tesco Magazine on Twitter as @CRYSTALmse

    Thank You !


  92. What a great idea for the digital age; an interactive treat. I must confess though… the best page in this gift guide? Boxed Games. With all the wonderful gadgets and gifts available to us today, it’s heart-warming to see that the simple, nostalgic pleasure of a board game like Buckaroo or Scrabble might still be played by the family, as a family this Christmas.

  93. I love the ‘How to dress a perfect christmas tree section’ especially the video. It was very helpful. I love the idea of having a lovely looking tree as I think it’s the centrepiece for Christmas-the presents go round it, the decorations work with it. It is THE icon of Christmas. I will use this guide to help make my tree the best it can be!

  94. I found the Teen boys gift pages really helpful as I had been struggling to think of presents and stocking fillers for my son (who thinks he is the coolest thing on legs since he turned 13!) It’s made my christmas shopping so much easier.

  95. I loved the Teen Gift guide. I find my teenage neices & nephews really hard to buy gifts for, as I never know what is in or out! This guide has really helped! x

  96. My favourite is the Festive tableware – I would love my table to have all matching crockery, glasses and cutlery at Christmas with a beautiful table centre and a really festive feel

  97. I loved the ‘how to dress the perfect christmas tree’, our trees never look like the ones in the magazines. Preparing for Christmas is a family affair with my children and grandchild helping me decorate. I always have something old, something new and something that Tescos sold .

  98. I love the Entertainment section because I can choose one of the boxed games which all the family can play on Christmas Day

  99. Teen Girls- I have 2 of my own, neices + their friends- This is an awesome page,h super gifts which will make those sulky lips turn up at the corners on Christmas day!

  100. I Love the “Gifts For” sctions,especially Gifts for men and Gifts for Teens!
    They two are definately hard ones to are so fussy and Teens already know what they like or dont like.
    This gives a real boost to the imagination when choosing gifts and helps to make everyone happy, including me-Mum! 🙂

  101. I like the gifts for him section best, but to be honest they missed the one thing a great many blokes love to get as a gift…tools. Even a small handy multi-tool will be better recieved than slippers or socks and may even get some wor done 🙂

  102. I especially like the crackers page, I thought the way they all lined up as the page loaded was a cute touch. And I love christmas crackers!

  103. I like the Create Christmas section for the ideas of decorating your tree, can’t wait to get my tree all decorated!

  104. I love the Christmas Decorations – Red Christmas page as our tree/decs are OLD so we’re looking for something new this year and the items on this page are gorgeous! xx

  105. i Love the how to dress a christmas tree section. Alwats nice to get tips on that as do the same thing every year.

  106. I liked the page for teen girls because I generally find them the hardest to buy for but there was lots of inspiration here.

  107. I love how to dress the christmas tree section – we have a real one every year and although colour can look a bit busy – this would really help with my colour coordination for my tree!

  108. I loved Create Christmas, the decorations section. I just love decorating the tree, can’t resist at least one new decoration a year and now probably have enough decorations to do a whole forest!

  109. fantastic page male gifts Goultier le male for mym dad and ordered 1 for me too brilliant no trapping to the shops

  110. the gifts for teens page is the best it saves all that trawling in the shops and on the net its all there everything a little troublesome teen would wish for.How easy and stress free is that.Phew1

  111. create christmas, the decorations, because it’s the decorations that MAKE Christmas for me.

  112. I love the Get the Look section – party time for her as I’m a big fan of fashion & try to follow the trends & am always looking for new ideas on what I can wear, especially during the festive period so I look my best at home & when I go out!Loving the video on how to do your hair and makeup! Really need tips on perfecting my makeup.. Fab section & gorgeous clothes & accessories.

  113. I love the Tasty Treats page because I found the Dolce Gusto coffee machine I wanted at half price!

  114. The Gifts for Him section gives me lots of ideas of presents to by for my OH. There’s a great mobile phone which would be ideal for him.

  115. Love the xmas tree decorating tips – ideal for someone with NO artistic skills whatsoever @)

  116. Gifts for Girls section is great inspiration for surprise gifts for my lovely daughter on Christmas morning!

  117. I love the teens section. My daughter is so picky but the colourful hairdryers look great and she may even stop nicking mine if I get her such a cool one!

  118. Love the Christmas tree section – no matter how classy the ornaments, ours always looks like we’ve thrown everything in the air and left it how it landed 😀

  119. I like the Time Out Gifts For Men – it is hard to know what to get for male relatives (after a watch and aftershave) and there are some great ideas on here – especially the Jack Daniels Poker Set.

  120. I loved the ‘how to dress your tree’ section. Mine always looks clumsy and unprofessional so any tips are appreciated.

  121. I love the gift ideas – it’s great to be able to see what I can buy for people on my list…. and for myself! I love Christmas so really enjoy the Christmassy feel of the whole thing.

  122. i really like the gift for boys section having a boy theres not alot of choices for xmas pressies like there is for girls but this magazine has inspired me for what to get my son for xmas thankyou kim

  123. I love the create Christmas section it’s given me some fantastic inspiration! I love Christmas!

  124. The gifts for him is definitely my favourite. I can never think of what to get my husband, brother, dad and grandads and when asked always so i dont know or dont bother argh they are incorrigible

  125. I love the Christmas setting the scene page, added bonus of the video really helps me to achieve the perfect family Christmas setting imaginable! Idiot proof I like, lol. xx

  126. I love the Create Christmas section. To me buying new decorations to fit a different theme every year really gets me in the festive spirit and I love the ‘Gold Christmas’ theme, it is so classy rather than tacky (which I have to admit I usually go for.)

  127. I love the teen girls section as it gives lovely ideas for the age that is quite difficult to buy for

  128. My favourite page has to be Finishing Touches,because , once you have all the traditional festive decor in place, it is these touches that makes your that bit different and a litle more exciting

  129. I love the Create Christmas section. I have only just moved into my own house so this year I can go mad with decorations, this gives me lots of hints and tips on how to keep things tasteful and where I should start.

  130. I love the gift ideas for teenage boys. I have five to buy for and their suggestions are purfect.

  131. My favourite bit of the magazine is always the letters page. It’s always interesting to know other people’s views

  132. I like the Gifts for Him page ..i always find it difficult to know what to buy guys as presents and they have some really nice ideas on there

  133. Festive tablewear has some really lovely ideas for some special finishing touches on christmas day.

  134. Got to be How to dress the perfect christmas tree, I am in charge of tree decorating in our house and this has some great tips. Hopefully I will wow folk this year!

    @psychicsheep on twitter

  135. I love the Create Christmas section, everything looks gorgeous!! Makes me feel so festive!!! I want to put my tree and decorations up now!! Hahaha!!

  136. I love the finishing touches page – Christmas is just not Christmas without all the sights and smells of Christmas… Could almost do without presents, as long as I have those 🙂

  137. i like the gaming page as my other half is gaming obsessed and i never have a clue so it helped me massively.

  138. I like the entertainment section – buying this gets harder every year as I get older and more “out of touch”

  139. I love the Create Christmas section. It gets me right in the holiday mood and already has me thinking about how I want to decorate my house!

  140. I love the party time for her section as there’s a very useful styling tips video on how to do your hair, and make up.

  141. My favourite was probably the Time out page on the Gifts for Men section. Ive been struggling to choose gifts for my partner and I think some pyjamas are in order!

  142. Goodness, how many entries?!!!!

    Not sure why I am bothering but a 1 in 237 chance is better than a 1 in not even bothering, so what the heck!!!!

    I LOVE the “how to wrap” section…Every year I have visions of beautifully wrapped and crafted gifts…sadly that is not the reality…this year I live in hope that I may have brown papered packages with silver and gold and homemade stampers….the reality will be hastily wrapped no doubt 😉

    Love S.A.M xx

  143. I love the Get The Look page as I always find it hard to wear something stunning in winter when it’s cold outside, but this gives some great ideas

  144. I like the tableware section, lots of tips for that perfect xmas table!

    twitter: @angiehoggett

  145. Loving the red christmas tree decorations. Its our first year in our new home and we didn’t know what to do with, with regards to tree colouring. After reading all the decorations articles, we’ve decided to go red and green and properly traditional! Great read 🙂

  146. Mine has to be the ‘Create Christmas’ section.
    Im forever redecorating, so I love seeing what I can buy and what theme I can do for Christmas. I spend a fortune on xmas decs, and have 3 trees in different colours in the loft, but need to buy a new one as none of them go with my current colour scheme! Looking forward to a very natural/traditional themed christmas this year!

  147. def has to be decorating the xmas tree, gave me many ideas on an area i never really put much thought into!

  148. The video on how t dress the tree is really helpful. Hopefully mine will look good as that

  149. I absolutley love the create christmas page it is full of amazing ideas and beautiful decorations. But what I loved the most was the how to videos they gave some good tips and they looked so festive.
    Overall the whole guide is brilliant especially if your stuck for ideas the guide just gives you a nudge in the right direction all in all a great success for tescos. :)xx

  150. The gift wrapping page in Create Christmas, because it reminds me of how my sister and I used to try and outdo each other with the best wrapped presents as teenagers. Often the wrapping was so good it was better than the present!

  151. “World of Sport” in Gifts for Him has given me some great ideas for my other half and my teenage boy.

  152. Love the gifts for teen girls section as I never know what to buy for my nieces this gives me some inspiration.


  153. I love the xmas tree section. Some great ideas there. Never been much good at decorating the tree.

  154. The page with the board games for Christmas. We have decided to have a more traditional Christmas. All our Christmas deocrations are being home made and I am getting my grnadson board games…so we can all play together. Great ideas on this page

  155. I like the ‘Winter Walks for her’ page best because it can be difficult to find clothes which will layer without making you look like a giant snowball!

  156. I love the get the look page, but also love the create christmas article too.
    In fact I really like the whole magazine!

  157. Oooooh, you’re right it is really Christmas-y and gorge! Before i burst into an out of tune rendition of Jingle Bells…. my fave part of the ezine is Setting the Scene. Always love new ideas for making the Christmas table look lovely… 🙂

  158. I like the Gifts for her section – I never know what to get for my girlfriend and this is a great inspiration.

  159. I love the Gifts for Kids section, there are some beautiful products here which would make ideal Xmas pressies for my granddaughter

  160. I like the create Christmas section, because it is the decorating that creates that Christmas feeling

  161. I love the Red Christmas page – beautiful decorations and a great inspiration for this christmas 🙂

  162. My favourite section is the Gifts for Him. I never know what to buy the men in my life for Xmas and this has lots of suggestions.

  163. I love the create Christmas section because I love making the house feel festive especially for the kids

  164. We sometimes struggle with decorating our xmas tree & run out of ideas.However your section on decorating a Christmas tree was brilliant 🙂

  165. i love the gift ideas page, as im at work all day i can do my xmas shopping in the comfort of my own home.

  166. I love the ‘gifts for toddler boys’ page as it reminds me of how fun this christmas is going to be for us with our little one – he loves lights, has learnt how to unwrap things (and then play with the paper instead of the present lol)

  167. My favourite part of the ezine just has to be Create Christmas. Christmas should be a magical, memorable and joyous time, so this section is perfect for getting things just so for the festive period.

  168. I love the Setting The Scene section. I’d love to have a beautifully laid table, but it always looks cluttered – maybe I put too much food on it! Will have to take some of the tips 🙂

  169. I was really inspired by the Create Christmas section-this is our first christmas at home as a family of three and i know it sounds silly but i just want it to be perfect.

    I got some great tips from the magazine-and have even shared some with my mummy friends.

    twitter[ @mariajkknight

  170. l love the decorations… i have all the decorations I could want already in my house but every year I have to buy more…spend spend spend

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