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4 comments / Tramadol Cod Online

  1. I love reading people’s Christmas tradtions. You’ve given me an idea today for which I’m very grateful.
    On Christmas day, we usually have my father in law and any of Ant’s children who are available, (he has 6 from his first marriage but they’re all grown and sometimes all in different parts of the world!) over for a buffet tea but this year, Ant’s eldest daughter moved in with her boyfriend so really wants Grandad (my father in law, who everyone calls Grandad, even non family members!) and her brothers to go to hers for Christmas Day.
    She lives about an hour and a half away so it’s not practical or fair on Grandad to have him driving there for his dinner and back here for his tea. For one thing, he won’t be able to relax with his much loved brandy if he has to keep driving everywhere!
    I was sad that we’re not going to have the family over for Christmas tea but after reading your post, I’ve realised we don’t really do anything on Christmas eve so we can have the family over then instead.
    They’ll all probably enjoy it much more as well because they won’t all be stuffed full of Christmas dinner!

    Oops, sorry it’s so long!
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions with us 🙂 xx

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