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14 comments / Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally

  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard but can be rewarding, so well done Cass for doing it! Sounds like you got a nice bunch after all, though there are definitely cliques at school gates too, same as anywhere! I know ‘if you don’t go to the party, you don’t get a balloon,’ then again, over the years I’ve become more fussy about which balloons I truly want!
    Really enjoyed this article – will look in more often!

    Jane x

  2. As a stay at home Mum I’m able to join PTFA, attend coffee mornings etc so maybe I’m part of a ‘clique’ – this is what I may look like to others, but actually we’re just chatting about what we’re upto. I got involved in different groups to get to know other Mums & I’ve now got some amazing friends. We try to include others but my advice is just go for it – we don’t bite! Honest!

  3. Completely agree. I am part of an alleged playgroup clique which has put off some mums from trying the playgroup, but how do they think I became part of the clique? I wasn’t allocated a place in the group at birth. I made the effort to talk to people and to join in. We are a clique, but not inaccessible.
    Well done Cass. nice post.

  4. Completely agree with this. I’m always looking on in the direction of all the mums who know each other already and always feel slightly uncomfortable. I know I should ‘edge’ forward but my brain is so programmed to ‘what ifs’ that i find it difficult. Been slightly more inspired however so will see what happens tomorrow!

  5. What a great post! I think it’ll really help other mums and dads who feel intimidated by ‘cliques’ to go over and join in!

    As a nanny I often felt there was a nanny/parent divide so started a coffee morning to get both groups together. It was great! Sadly some of the mums wouldn’t come along and had their own coffee mornings to which we were never invited. Sad really!

    Now as a mum I always welcome any new face at the groups I attend or invite them to my coffee mornings and art club. It’s so important for everyone to feel welcome but also feel they don’t have to.

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