Blogging Pressure

Do you feel pressured when it comes to blogging? Over the last few weeks and months my timelines have been littered with tweets and status messages about people feeling they “have” to blog.

Really need to blog today, didn’t do one yesterday

I need to do some posts but I just can’t think of anything to write?!”

Seeing messages like these sadden me. For the most part, people blog for themselves, for fun, for their families and for an outlet. It seems that when they start they thoroughly enjoy it but it can become a chore, why is that?

I love blogging, it’s an outlet for me, it’s fun. I can use Curly&Candid for whatever I like, to share recipes, family news, debates, to discuss world events or to campaign. It’s a tool, a thing… it’s not “me“. If I don’t blog one day, two days or a week I don’t worry that the blog might cease to be or that I will implode. The day that I wake up and feel I have to blog is the day that I stop blogging. I don’t think anyone needs that pressure.

I hear lots about link-ups, again how people MUST make sure they do it. I’m pretty sure no-one who runs a linky would want people to feel this pressure to perform as it were. Britmums now have a weekly blog prompt, and although this isn’t something I would use myself, for some I expect it can  be fun /useful; will it however become another of these things that people feel they have to do? I hope not.

At what stage do you feel like you have to blog, when did it become a job, do you feel the pressure to keep up with everyone else?

Social media is the greatest tool and sometimes the worst de motivator. The recent surge of “experts” popping up from nowhere ready to tell you how to blog better and how to be the best blogger don’t help. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your bloggy technical expertise or  work on your writing style and sites such as Blogger.ed (which I highly recommend!) are a fantastic resource of info and advice.  I just think that overall bloggers can be bombarded with info on what they should rather than being offered hints, tips and advice.

So where does it come from, is the pressure forced upon us as a blogger by social media and the blogosphere or do we pile it upon ourselves? This is an issue I’m genuinely curious about. What do you think?

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  1. Interesting post. At the moment I’ve only just started blogging so just feel I have so many idea and so much I want to write about. I have a problem with joining memes because I feel if I do it one week then I have to keep going every week. It’s a loyalty thing I think especially if the organisers have taken the time to comment. Now I’m trying to write what I want and if it fits with a linky then link it up, rather than write a post specifically for the link.

    1. Hi Rebecca
      Thanks so much for commenting. I join linkys occasionally if, like yourself I am particularly interested in it or have something will fit. It takes the fun out of sharing your post if it’s been a struggle or chore to write it.

  2. A very interesting question Nicki. I think part of the pressure stems from the growing number of parent bloggers and the desire to “climb the ranks” so to speak and “keep up with the Joneses”. I know I feel a sense of obligation to blog each day but it’s my own routine of writing that I’ve set up for myself and not driven by having reviews to post or indexes to climb. It’s my “time” for myself; my outlet and somehow, I feel like something is missing when I don’t post on a given day.
    With regards to the BritMums prompts, that was just something that we looked at as a service more than anything…an opportunity to inspire ideas and creativity if you happen to be tapped out. But bloggers should never feel the RESPONSIBILITY to join up/link up…we were just hoping to provide a spark if one was necessary. I do hope that no one feels that they HAVE to do anything regardless of where it is but competition and drive tend to be behind that.
    You have a very healthy attitude about blogging and it’s one we all should strive for. Thanks so much for asking the question…
    🙂 Karin

    1. I’m not sure what the ultimate pressure is, I expect it’s different for each individual. I’m just curious whether people feel the pressure is external ie Twitter / ratings or within themselves.

  3. This is really interesting! I too am a new blogger, I blog when something pops into my head and although I can see the benefits of regular blogs, I don’t feel pressure. In fact on the days the ideas aren’t flowing, I use that time to read and comment on other people’s blogs.

  4. Hmm interesting question. I blog as and when I feel like it, which is usually up to 3 times a week.
    Whenever inspiration hits basically! 🙂
    I certainly don’t feel like I HAVE to blog, but it is good when I do.

  5. Interesting post – initially shocked that you manage to blog every day – then realised I have posted for the last three days ( normally I aim for once or twice a week) and as I have a quiet week have found myself on twitter facebook and my blog for really far too much of the day. So my question is does anyone feel the pressure NOT to blog. I know my OH finds it irritating in the evenings – but then he’s doing his own thing too. But he reacednly told me ” X says his wife is on twitter the whole time and it’s becoming a real problem”. He didn’t elucidate but I felt there was a heavy hint attached! x

    1. I think I can honest say I don’t feel the pressure to blog, or tweet and FB. I choose to (quiet a lot, ahem). Sometimes I just switch everything off and just have some tech-free time. If I can do that without worrying that when I go back I’ll have to “catch up” or rebuild my Klout etc then I think I’m ok.

      Luckily my better half has his own things to do, and my Twitter time tickles him. I think he thinks I’m the only person that watches Xfactor and tweets about it. I suppose for many if you think about it, if you weren’t spending leisure time online, would you be in front of the TV instead, out or with your nose in a book? 🙂

      And if he ever did complain, I’d take away his online gaming stuff and watch him go through serious tech withdrawal 🙂

  6. I felt that way until a few months ago. I disliked dormancy and paid too much attention to blog ratings. It felt like a treadmill and the fun and creativity went out of it. I guess I was a victim of my own success. Now I feel no pressure or obligation and it feels good.

    1. You can tell you are more at ease now too, although your tweets are still lame. Stringy bits in bananas? Tsk!

      You should feel pressured to not tweet about fruit 🙂

  7. I deliberately didn’t blog for over a week to see if I was addicted !!! I’m not addicted yipee – getting a bit addicted to vlogging though – I want blogging to be fun and not a chore but also need more followers so feel if radio silence lasts to long won’t get any new subscribers?

  8. The only time I feel like I ‘have’ to blog is on Fridays so the Dear So and So linky is up. Although if I am really not feeling it I usually put up “Dear Interwebz, I’m not here today” and the linky.

  9. I’ve been blogging since June – it’s fun and I like to have had a great experience or something really interesting to say, or recommend something I love, otherwise, for me there’s no point blogging – I reckon it would be quite boring to read a pressured one…don’t you?

  10. I learnt a lot about myself when I had to cut myself off completely when I went on holiday in July.

    I still blog, tweet, facebook, etc all the more but different opportunities have turned up and I’m enjoying that experience now too and I don’t “feel the pressure” if I haven’t got anything to say for a few days.

    It’s a massive difference between feeling comfortable with my style now and how I felt when I first started out. The whole community aspect has changed too and I suspect that is a lot to do with access to social media.

  11. I think perhaps a year ago I felt I had to blog as often as possible or I’d be forgotten, or I’d get no hits, or something. Then I realised I was taking it all way to seriously. Since then I’ve relaxed about it. After all it’s just a hobby even though some of us do manke a few pennies from it. Since I’ve relaxed and taken the pressure off I’ve found I’ve enjoy it a lot more and as a result end up posting more! If it ever became a chore I’d take a break.Very interesting post.

  12. I try to give myself a slap if I tweet about “having” to blog, I do try to stick to the mantra that I’ll do it when I want, how I want, but sometimes I just get caught up in it all.

    I put quite a lot of pressure on myself to do SilentSunday but that’s because I love the concept and the challenge of it, so even though some weeks it stresses me, I do enjoy it and I’ve seen my photography improve with it too.

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