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28 comments / Order Tramadol Cod Next Day Delivery

  1. Dear Nicki, it’s good that you hate your sofa when the children are small. It means you can let them climb all over it, shoes, sticky fingers, the lot… and who cares. Promise yourself that when your little one is 7 you will have it re-covered or replaced. Until then you can relax and the boys can enjoy the climbing frame in the lounge.

  2. Ah Nicki, you do make me laugh but I do feel for you too. You are so dedicated to doing the right thing for your family that I know you’ve made a hundred sacrifices that probably only you know about. I sincerely hope there is someome in a better position to help with your wardrobe than me who reads this and feels the way I did. You could have the contents of my wardrobe in a heartbeat if it was worth having x

  3. What is it with DVD remotes? Ours goes walk-about all the time.

    However, when you think about it, the Sky remote (in our case, Virgin remote) is always where it should be, as you said, so maybe it’s the one making the DVD remote hide by being a bully.

    For what reason I hear you ask?…So that the attention isn’t taken away from it and we think it’s special for being good and staying where it’s told.

    Hmmm could be onto something here.

    Or could just be going slightly cuckoo due to too much cough medicine!!

    Great post, as usual :0) xx

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