Things that pee me off

I am a tolerant person (who laughed?), but even I get rattled at some things. These are my current top 4 peeves. What are yours?

1. Birds that wait until you clean your window to poo all down them. These bird are savvy, they wait until you’ve cleaned the windows, put everything away and go on the school run. THEN they poo everywhere, sure that it will have enough time to dry and require more than a quick wipe away.

2.  Word verification – bloody hell, whether you are registering for a site or commenting on a blog,you need a phd to work out the complex display of symbols and merged letter. For goodness sake people, it’s a newsletter, not the briefcase of some high-ranking official. Let me in!

3. People who remember when you do stupid things and keep bringing them up. Ok, so I told people I was a necrophiliac when I meant narcoleptic. I was tired and making a bad joke, hence the comment. Seriously, who invents two words that mean such different things but makes them look, sort of, the same?! (I can hear you sniggering).

4. People who invent things and don’t do it right! Who invents a social media platform that doesn’t have a “exclude from parental view” button for adults? How stupid. I assumed this was a built in feature, that’s why I didn’t hesitate to write about when I lost my virginity and also my pelvic floor and post it on Facebook. I suppose (grudging) it’s a good thing it a way that the idiot who invented Facebook didn’t include this feature, otherwise my Dad would never have spotted that typo in the post and text me to correct me.
STUPID Mr Zuckeberg, stupid!

(And sorry Dad!)


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  1. I am SO with you on the word verification thing. I’ve been trying to set up a new email account today, and must have failed the “are you a human” CAPTCHA 8 or 9 times before getting it right and being allowed my new account! Grrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Yes I’m with you on the word verification too I tried that many times today on one post I was stamping my feet, and my dad always bring’s daft things I’ve done up grrr 🙂

  3. Haha, I was feeling rather grumby as my birds pooped on me having a lay in this morning.
    Oops on facebook!!
    Yes captcha is awful and a damn cheek as its not even spelled correctly. Yet we are supposed to decode script that Indiana Jones would have struggled with.

    You do realise with regards to number 3 you have opened yourself to online clever clogs who don’t forget either.

  4. WORD VERIFICATION! The bain of my life!
    Seriously I never get the words right for a start.
    And it nobs me right off when I go to blogs I read and comment on often only to have to keep on typing in silly words !
    ARGHHH !
    (thank you for helping me unleash that inner rage!)

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