Dear So & So – The mixed edition

Dear Cyber Bullies

I despise you. Tearing people down and belittling them on social media is no less hurtful or demoralising than if you were doing it in real life. You are still a bully, even if you hide behind a avatar.

I am watching you

Her who absolutely loathes cowardly bullies!


Dear Riverford

I received my first veg box from you yesterday. I wasn’t sure whether it was be worthwhile but second day in, and I am very impressed. I’ll keep you updated,


Domestic Goddess


Dear Ebay Seller

Emailing me to ask me to leave you 5-star feedback because “Ebay are on my back to improve my selling performance”. Not cool. When I leave feedback, which will be soon, I will tell the truth, NOT what I am asked to put. Otherwise feedback means nothing.


From, Me.


Dear PRs who email me and tell me my blog is perfect to house their client’s guest posts because my blog is full of pregnancy info.

1) Read my blog

2) I don’t publish such things, but I can send you an example of my rates if I did? (evil snigger)

Yours, Her will too much crap in her email box.


Dear Kieran

Your first week back at school…. wicked! Your teacher came out yesterday to say you’d had a cracking start to the year. I’ve missed you but it’s been lovely when you come home. You and me are going out, just us tomorrow, to go to the library and to have a HUGE hot choc with flake bits, cream and marshmallows. I can’t wait!

Love you big man x


Dear Taylor

I know you’ve missed having your brother at home this week but the 1-1 has been lovely hasn’t it!

Love you little man



Dear Creatures.

What the hell? Yesterday, during the school run, a wasp got caught in my hair, and when I swerved to avoid the huge piles of horse shit on the path, a bird pooped on the buggy.


(You Gits!)

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  1. Wasps are evil things and apparently it is now that they are out there having fun as food collecting is done.

    Oh on the cyber bullying I would stand up for bullying in real life. I expect better of my children and try to set an example, but haven’t seem much about at the moment, however, I believe in calling a spade a spade

    1. I hate wasps at this time of year, they are mercenary at best! And in my hair – well to be honest I’m quite surprised I managed to get it out without getting stung!

      I am all for spade is a spade but I’ve seen some real nastiness over the past few weeks. Like yourself, I wouldn’t tolerate it from my two, I hate bullying, and I don’t understand why the rules are different if it’s online. I’d like to think bullying would disappear when people turned into “grown ups” but workplace and even playground bullying (amongst parents!) proves otherwise.

  2. No wasps here but spiders with crates of beer and their own ps3’s have moved in…it is NOT ON I tell you…perhaps if they paid the electricity bill I wouldn’t mind….

    As Always Nicki, a pleasure to read, want to know more about riverford!!


  3. I’m planning on a library trip tomorrow with my Little Man and I might just have to copy you with the hot chocolate – sounds delicious and I think he deserves a treat. (I ALWAYS deserve a treat of course!)

  4. What a fantasic post of everythingg!
    I agree cyerbullying is for the pathectic people, who have nothing better to with there lifes but write mean stuff.
    They should certainly grow a pair.

  5. Haven’t all the wasps died by now? Blimey!
    PR’s I think are sometimes in a world of their own – apparently I am in the US according to some of the email requests I’ve had this week! DUH


  6. Totally agree on the cyberbully letter. All cowards!

    You, know, in my country they say that if you step into the…. feces of a dog or a horse, you’re in for some luck. Better take a full leap next time! ^^

    And hope everything goes well in school for your big boy!

  7. Fabulous post (can I come for a hot choc?). It seems that people think its more acceptable to be rude when they are typing on a keyboard. I am sure most of them wouldnt have the balls to say it to your face because, shock horror, most bullies are wimps!

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