Sleeptime Family Observations

Scribbled in a notebook whilst on holiday last week:

It’s nearly 10pm and Roy, Kieran and Taylor are all fast asleep. We are in our Travelodge on holiday so are all in the same room. I can’t sleep, it’s too hot, so I’m sat up and watching…

Taylor is in his travel cot, on his front. I hate it when he lies on his front as he has this awful habit of sleeping face down! He’s 8 months old now and is fine but I still don’t like it! Turning him is pointless, he’ll only grunt at me and roll back over. Taylor breathes so softly that when I check he is breathing (am I the only one who does breathing checks on the kids before sleep?), I end up tickling him in his sleep, just so he’ll move a little and reassure me. Looking at him lying here, stretched out, it hits me just how much he has grown already. Gah!

Kieran as usual has kicked his covers off and is trying to curl his hair with his fingers in his sleep. He is a big five year old now and has finished a whole year at “big school” already. Despite this, when I look at him now, looking so vulnerable in his sleep, I can see that he really is only a little boy still. Still my baby. I hope he stays like this for just a little while longer!

Last but not least, Roy! The first thing I notice is that he’s lost some weight! The poor man has been living on soup & mash for weeks now after extensive oral surgery. I’m making a mental note to feed him up! I’m out of bed and over at the desk and every so often he reaches out for me in his sleep, frowns, then turns over again. That is sweet!

My three men, sleeping quietly. So alike, yet so different! I wouldn’t change any of them. **

** This does not include Roy’s occasional snoringย 

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  1. I love to watch my Boys sleep too. But like you I check breathing of my youngest before I can settle. Don’t need to check my eldest as he mutters in his sleep and the lovely OH well he snores so that’s a given. When you see them sleep you realise how much you have ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I check. If i can’t hear her or see her little chest moving up and down I put my hand on her front to feel it. When she was a baby I used to move her until she stirred – just to make sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

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