1. Oh wow! Was it homework or something for fun? If it’s fun how long does it take for boys to sit and do something quiet like that?!

  2. Come on, Nicki, you blackmailed them.’When you’re done with your homework you can do this and that, oh oops, it’s bedtime.’

    1. A bit of both, this was taken Thursday when I had Kieran and his “big” cousin at home for the strikes. The eldest had homework and Kieran wanted to join in and do the same so went and got a handwriting book from our cupboard 🙂

  3. Love this, my middle two love sitting at the table doing home work. Especially if mummy promises to make cakes as soon as they have finished xxx

    1. Threats of violence… on joking lol.
      The eldest is my nephew doing his homework at mine when the school was closed for the strikes, the youngest is my 5yr old want to be the same as his cool big cousin so he got his handwriting book out to “work” too 🙂

  4. Is that really homework? Or a disguised comic and a list of top trump powers?! Lovely lads, you must be proud of them today.

  5. Oh my goodness….they look so studious and well behaved…..I’m hoping this isn’t normal behaviour??? 😉

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