The Gallery #1 – Dad!

This is my first gallery post and this week the theme is Dad, in honour of Father’s Day. I haven’t done a post about my Dad as yet, so this is a great opportunity!

A few things you don’t don’t know about my Dad!

Dad also goes by the name Snertspop. For those of you scratching your head, he calls me Snert (Snotty Nosed, Egotistical, Rude, Teenager). I’m no longer a teenager by a long shot, am a respectable married woman, and am rarely snotty-nosed having now mastered the art of using a tissue, but Snert I remain. ย He is my Dad or Pops, so Snertpops it is.

Dad has an MBE. (Very proud moment for us all!). Having been in service in the Royal Air Force pretty much all of his adult working life, his hardwork and dedication were rewarded by HRH. Dad calls her Lizzie, they are best buds now apparently, she shook his hand, the hand he said he wouldn’t wash therefore dishes were out of the question….. *Ducks*.

Dad (who is Irish) once caught a leprechaun. I know this because he told us when we were little. If I remember the story correctly Dad was granted a wish for letting him go, and his wish was for gold. Every year, the little man promised, Dad would receive gold, and he did. Chocolate gold coins. This is a true story, it must be as I remember being told to go and look in the garden for the gold and finding the coins hung all over. This taught me an important lesson… when catching a leprechaun, get him to sign a contract as they are sneaky little beggars.

Dad has a terrible condition called MustMessAboutWhenSomeoneIsTakingAPhoto-ism – symptoms include making bunny ears, silly smirks and fake nose picks. This is not apparently a curable condition but a certain look from my Mum can help quell the symptoms.

Dad is a writer. He has written children’s stories and a cracking fantasy novel. He is infuriatingly modest however and doesn’t believe he has the talent he does.

Dad use to fly planes, not Red Arrow’s but that sort of stuff, and gliders too. ย Even after being in the RAF for so many years, he can’t understand why people would want to jump out of a plane with little more than a silk hanky.

My Dad used to play football down the street with George Best when they were kids.

Something else you don’t know about my Dad which all his kids do, is that he is a fantastic Father.

Happy Father’s Day Snertspop!


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  1. Wow! Your dad is a little bit amazing isn’t he? Laughing at the leprchen story sooo funny! Tha asides how wonderful to have a MBE and to have flown with the red arrows! He has done so much.great post and a great dad x

  2. Such a lovely post, and your Dad sounds like a great man. I have ultimate respect for our servicemen and he’s obviously done a great job of raising his kids too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. LOVED this picture and post. The picture especially though speaks to those endless Summers putting up and taking down shelters on the beach. Really resonated. HMSx

    1. Thank you Mel, fortunately he lived it too :p

      The downside of this post though is that I will have “Tie me kangaroo down sport” in my head all damn day!

  4. This is a brilliant post. I have a photo somewhere of my Dad assembling a wind breaker! I so wish my Dad had caught a leprechaun – I love chocolate coins! But he is not Irish, so that may have been the problem. Not many leprechauns in Hertfordshire!

    What an incredible Dad you have!


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