I am a Harveys Furniture Tester, & Have a Confession To Make…

First of all..
What is a Harvey Furniture Tester?
The lovelies from Harveys have sent a few lucky bloggers some furniture to test out and review.

Secondly I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous coffee table and lamp table.

Thirdly (the confession) I don’t like coffee tables!! I’ve never had one before but expect they are a just a dumping ground for stuff. Aren’t they? Well I thought so but it turns out I was wrong.

I was sent the gorgeous Alexis Coffee table and Alexis Lamp Table (Click to visit the Harveys site and see the specs and more product details). Now being coffee table virgins we have had to experiment to find the “right” use for it.

The “Grown Up” Coffee table
The “Work” table
The Coffee table for children

So which one did we decide was the “best look”? We didn’t – we decided a coffee table like this should be used for whatever we needed it for. I must also add though:

It looks just fine all by itself!

I must stress that I didn’t actually know what would be arriving until it arrived (oh the excitement!! Ahem) so to get two pieces like this, that fit my lounge so well was a huge bonus. Just look how the Alexis lamp table fits here…

Isn’t it gorgeous, and a perfect “cover” for the stepper machine I will be using “soon” to tone up these here legs 🙂

Delivery: I was called on the Monday to tell me my order would arrive on Thursday and that I would be called on Wednesday to get a time slot. Well I didn’t get a call on Wednesday but that’s ok. These things happen, and it’s how they are dealt with by a company that makes the difference. I called customer services on Thursday who apologised profusely, told me my slot was 2-5pm and when I explained I had a school run in the middle of that, they contacted the driver and ensured it would be with me either side of the school pick-up. The driver himself rang to confirm this. THAT is what I call good service!

Three burly uniformed delivery men (who were clearly camera shy as they scuttled off before I could get the camera out lol) delivered the pieces, put them where I wanted them to go & offered to unpack. I declined as I had the school run to do but wish I hadn’t as the pieces were SO well wrapped, it took 20 minutes to unwrap them!

Extremely well wrapped but no excess/wasteful plastic or boxes. Impressive.

So far so good Harveys, great products, great service.
My husband isn’t overly keen on you now because having these gorgeous pieces in my lounge has made me realise the whole lounge needs reorganising and modernising – you’ll be hearing more about this soon.
For now though….
Big thumbs up Harveys!

Harveys have a *Pay no VAT, Up to Half-Price Sale* going on at the moment so why not use the opportunity to update your home! Find out more on the Harvey website, and why not look them on Facebook or have a chat with the friendly folk on Twitter?

*Please note. I was sent these items to review. I am not being paid to supply a review, I am not being told what to write. My views are entirely my own*

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  1. Coffee tables are to put your coffee cups on ! So, if they get knocked over the table gets wet, not the carpet ! Of course, Woody Allen would use them to scatter intelligent reading matter on… Less of a stretch, too, to reach your cup on the table than down to the floor! Stops the dog helping himself to your drink too !

  2. Noooo! No coffee on the coffee table – Roy is a beggar for putting the cup down THEN going to look for a coaster.
    Intelligent reading matter…… thats the Argos catalogue right?

  3. We don’t have room for a coffee table atm and I dream of a house that could cope with one. That is a nice solid table.

    1. I was surprised at how solid it is too! It’s certainly solid enough to be Cawood-family proof….. and THAT is impressive!
      Our lounge isn’t huge – if you’d said did I have room for a coffee table, I’d have said no but rather than cluttering the space it seems to make the most of the remaining space. If that makes sense?

  4. I have just had to put my iron and glass (I know not practical with children!) away in the loft as Tala is getting mobile (ish). Nowhere to put cups now and on the floor they just get knocked over – need a child friendly one now..

  5. having just spent over £4000 pounds on furniture, we have had nothing but trouble with it since it was delivered, delivery dates cancelled, coffee table still broken after 3 visits from technition, new 2seater recliner-electric, blew and not working, shop were we got them from, customer services, and repair company very unhelpful but very good at blaming each other, very quick to take your money but not bothered once you have your so called goods, never use this company again and if anyone reads this you have been warned, the whole company have been unhelpful and very uncaring. stay well away.

    1. Good evening Paul, I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t had an optimum experience with Harveys so far. We really DO value every single customer and I would love you to give me the chance to investigate and get this sorted for you. Please could you email me your order number and I will make sure I speak to someone senior in Customer Service who will be in touch. Does that sound ok?

  6. I purchased 3 seat sofa and club chair ( leather ) and the leather started to fade on both articles. We contacted the shop where we ordered the furniture and they were not interested ( Andover ), told us to ring complaints which we did. Gentleman arrived inspected the sofa and chair and it said it was normal wear and tear. The furniture was only 16 months old and was supposed to be leather and should last a lot longer than than that I said. Told to ring office in Worcester who informed us because we never took out insurance no claim would be paid. I did not know till later that I should have contacted CAB and could have claimed under the sale of goods act. Still it has made more determined never to buy anything from Harveys again. I have just spent a large amount of money on my sitting room which I bought from The Range and the sales and service from this company was brilliant as were the goods we bought there.

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