Fat Club Rant

In short, I am pissed off! With myself.

Every week since I started WeightWatchers in January I have lost something each week, apart from once where I stayed the same. This week I have gained a whopping 2.5lb. And worse still, it’s no-ones fault but my own! Both boys and Roy at home, and I’ve picked, not pointed foods, not watched my portion sizes and I know better.

Weight Watchers works for me, always has. I lost 4st before getting pregnant with Kieran and had lost 19.5lb this time before this week – clearly it works..IF…YOU…FOLLOW…IT! Grrr!

The silliest thing is, there was absolutely no need for my binge-fest. If I’d planned properly I could have incorporated my days out and fun days at home and the accompanying treats that go with these, and still been fine. Sheer bloody laziness on my part and I’m furious with myself. Yes I know we all have blips and have to get back on the horse as such, and I will, but weight loss doesn’t come easy to me and part of having PCOS for some is the inibility or difficulty to lose/maintain weight. The healthier my weight, the less I struggle with the PCOS so I feel like I’ve shot myself in the foot to be honest.

Right. Therapeutic rant complete, it’s time to move on. This week I will track everything I eat properly. I will meal plan. I will revisit my old tracking diaries and magazines and get myself back on track. Losing weight is rarely easy and is a journey that can take longer than we’d like, but I can and I will do it. I just need to stay focussed!

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  1. Oh chick I know just how you feel! We’ve had wheat and dairy while the kids have been off and in my head it’s a treat but actually I feel so much worse for it! I’m sitting here feeling bloated and phlegmy and wondering why I do it to myself! Detox starts today! 🙂 You’ll get back on track and feel super dooper fab cause you’re such a determined lady! It may even help in the long run cause I think a major blip serves as a good reminder why we need to be good! Love you, xx

    1. Aww bless you. What are we like! I feel pretty poo too (some temper induced but working through that – poor keyboard :p ).
      I’m feeling a good detox is in order – for me that means less bread and dairy amongst other things so getting myself sorted out!

    1. Thanks chick! Next week will be better -all this stamping and stomping around is doing nothing for my boots! Back on the ball now, a rude wake up call, but perhaps one I needed. I hope Lee had a good week?

  2. You go girl! Know exactly how you feel. Friend recently told me she just decided enough was enough and sorted out her weight after her Dad died of cancer. She realised she had to be as healthy as she could. So she stopped making excuses and just did it.
    That’s inspired me to start at a local ‘fat club’ and I’m into my second week. Determined to keep going, however hard it gets.
    And now you’ve told yourself off, I’m sure you’ll do it. You’ve got to give yourself a bit of praise for how far you’ve come.

  3. I can’t believe it! I just start bloody weight watchers and this new system stinks. I could do the old points thing but this new fangled claptrap has me confused. how come a bloody smoked mackerel fillet is 10 bleedin’ points? Thats a 1/3 of my daily allowance and i am eyeing up the table wondering if that is points free. I mean the rest of the world tell us it is the best thing in the world to wolf down omega 3 fish oils – there is a flaw – it is them. Off Weight Watchers onto my self control which means I will be 20 stone by christmas.

  4. I hear you. I always do well for a while and then fall off the horse diet wise. But the main thing it to get back on the horse and keep riding it till the pounds drop off ! Good luck

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