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4 comments / Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery

  1. I think the world of small children and the other, adult world are two parallel universes. When my first baby arrived, I felt like I’d lost touch with the ‘real’ world and was in a new one where I didn’t know anyone else or any of the rules. I think the negativity about parents of small children is because people don’t understand what it’s like until they get there. In our society you can go 30 years or more and barely have contact with babies, so I guess it’s not surprising that people don’t have a clue how they totally take over your life. Not that it’s any excuse to be rude, of course! (P.S. I’m with you on being bored to death by weddings, dogs and diets.)

  2. Great post! I totally agree with Donna’s points. However, some parents are their own worst enemies. It is the parents who go on and on about how wonderful it is, and telling everyone else that they must choose this life as well, who cause irritation. I love my children to bits, but like Donna I don’t suggest everyone around me must also have them. I also understand that some people may wish they had the chance to have them, and not been able to do so.

    Similarly, if you haven’t had children, the “nitty gritty” details are really not something you want to hear about. When I talk about my children, I try to remember who my audience is and keep it short with those who I know will find it a puzzle. I also choose my topics – potty training is not a subject for the childless, for example!

    Give parents a break, but if you do get a break as a parent, don’t abuse it. Because if you do, you’re spoiling it for the next poor parent who comes along!!

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