E-Cloth Green Clean Challenge

I  been invited to take the ‘Green Clean Challenge’ – can I say goodbye to chemical cleaning products for a whole month?

Well I won’t know if I don’t try. Today is Bank Holiday Monday – the tradition Big Clean day in my house, so from today, out with my usual cleaning products and in with chemical free alternatives! As well as a selection of different cloths and an ecloth mop, we have everything from eco-washing liquid, eco washing balls, and air-freshener to salt, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon!

Thankfully the lovely lady who sent me these goodies also sent me a comprehensive guide for how to use them (which just goes to show how out of touch I’ve become with tradition cleaning methods, favouring the off-the-shelf brands without considering an alternative).

So, here goes! We all say we want to be more green so this is an ideal place to start. I’ll be reporting back on the different products, with hints and tips and more and at the end of the month, will sum up whether I can ditch the chemicals for good or not! I am hoping, that as well as effective cleaning (etc) that this trial will also show me another way to cut my household shopping bills, but we’ll see!

While I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing, why don’t you pop along to the ECloth’s website to have a nosy at some of the products available. I didn’t realise there were so many!


*I am replacing all my cleaning materials with the ones provided with the exception of sterilising fluid for Taylor’s bottles.

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  1. Hi
    I have been chemical free for about 10 years. Vinegar and bicarb of soda are fantastic for cleaning drains, watch out it fizzes. I use Deeply Clean cloths, which are similiar to E-cloths for cleaning absolutely everything with just a squirt of water. If you get stuck just ask me. Good Luck for the next month and enjoy your chemical free cleaning.

  2. Nicki, I’m pretty much chemical free now apart from the bits that Ian and his Mum buy for when they occasionally do some cleaning! (they are obsessed!). I love it! The house smells clean but in a way that means I can still breath and I don’t have to worry about Daniel following me round while I do the cleaning, it also eases my environmental guilt (which I suffer from a lot!). I would rather do the down on my knees scrubbing and know it’s really clean and get some exercise doing it than fill my houses air with chemicals and then pay for gym membership! 🙂 Have fun, can’t wait to hear the outcome!

    BTW nice going getting all those “samples”! Wonder if they’d like anyone else to write a blog about it! 🙂

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