My Fashion Shame – Tots100 BlogHop (April)

The Tots100 Blog Hop this month is all about unburdening yourself and showing everyone a picture where your fashion sense could be called questionable, at best. make sure you have a good dig in the photo collection and join in! (Not just for the amusement of others, but also to be in with the chance to win a fab new Samsung camera!)

Originally I thought this picture was “The One”. How far up do those jeans go? Horizontal stripes and baggy arms, hmm and the hair. Yes, I deliberately had it cut that way. I don’t know why. I wasn’t on drugs or drunk so I can only presume it was a moment of madness.


When I had a deeper look I found it.

THE picture that encompasses my fashion shame.

And yes, I am brave enough (gulp) to post it on the internet….

Can I just point out... It's not me who takes payment by all major debit and credit cards!

So there you have it, my finest hour, captured on film lol!

It’s not a fluffy jumper with a rainbow on the front but it just says it all. Obviously was taken at an Ann Summers party, MY party actually. You have to ask yourself what outfit I spent my commission on? (Nothing beats a pink sparkley tutu!).


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  1. ha! fab! I had a lovely curly perm (I suspect yours is natural) and jeeans that also went up under my armpits in the 80’s. Shame I don’t have any of my 70’s pics when I was a bay city rollers fan!
    Well done you for being so brave. Might have to pop off to see what I can find if there is a camera up for grabs : ) xx

    1. I’m most grateful no-one so far has commented on my actual entry below.
      I would LOVE such cool jeans now- because they were a size 10 at most lol. Oh so long ago….
      I’m sure you could find ONE BC Rollers pic if you really looked hard enough! Go on, I dare you :p

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