Anguish, Loss, Suffering… Happy Mothers Day? Not for some.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? In my house it means a lie in, breakfast in bed, lots of kiddie cuddles, homemade cards (and whatever has been made at school!) and Roy generally being my slave. It wasn’t until I received some information recently about the plight of some Mothers; that I realised how much I take for granted.

I want to tell you briefly about the problems faced by many woman in Liberia. My first though was “Where is Liberia? I know where Libya is…?”. Well,

Liberia- Liberia is a country on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone on the West, Guinea on the north, Côte d’Ivoire on the east, and the Atlantic Ocean on the south. It is still recovering from a civil war and the ensuing economic problems.

The maternal mortality ratio is one of the highest in the world, with roughly 990 women die from pregnancy related causes per 100,000 live births, with 1 in every 20 women at risk of dying during pregnancy or child birth.

Call to action: UNICEF believes it is wrong that women in Liberia are still dying during pregnancy and childbirth and is working in the country to try and help put this right but we need your help.

This Mothers Day please help us save ‘1,000 mums lives’ and make sure no child is born without their mother, by buying the ‘Deliver a Baby’ pack, which contains all the medical equipment needed to safely deliver a baby and help keep a mum safe during the birth. It costs £23 and includes medicines and delivery sterilisation and resuscitation equipment.

Visit here to find out more and purchase one of these life-altering packs.

About UNICEF: UNICEF, the worlds leading children organisation, supports children and their mothers in over 190 countries, working to combat deadly illnesses such as malaria and tetanus, protecting children from exploitation and violence, ensuring that mothers can deliver their babies safely and supporting families affected by emergencies.

What are Inspired Gifts: UNICEF Inspired Gifts such as the ‘Deliver a Baby pack’ are real supplies – like vaccines, medicines, food, ware containers, and education materials – that are delivered directly to those women and children who are most in need, so this Mothers’ Day, your gift for your own mum can help keep a mother living miles away safe and healthy.

For many people £23 is a chinese takeaway for two & a rented movie, less than an Xbox game, 4 packets of cigarettes, a new top…. for the women in Liberia, it can mean the difference between life & death. Some people however may not have a spare £23 floating around, which is fair enough, but you can do your bit too – share this information, post it on Facebook & Twitter, let your friends know. One pack at £23 could save a life.

Thanks to RosieScribble for opening my eyes about this worthwhile campaign, as harrowing as the statistics are.

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  1. It does make me think,I am blessed with being treated much the same as you but my childhoodand now relationshipwitha religious Mum makes me feel a little wistful on the day too. However I am many more times safer and fortunate than these women, I was helped to deliver twins by the NHS, my son would definitely not be here , what we consider a minor feeding problem which meant me expressing milk and him being tube fed, would have meant death in a third world country.

    thank you

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