Pulling My Finger Out…

You’ll probably have noticed the slightly oversized scary Red Nose picture of me everywhere (hideous isn’t it!).

Every year I buy a nose, Retweet Comic Relief tweets on Twitter, “Like” Red Nose status messages on Facebook and… maybe pop a few pence in a collection jar.

It’s a start, and the smallest of contributions make a difference. This year however I want to do more. I have some great readers and fab Twitter & Facebook friends and followers, so I’m hoping that if we pull together we can raise £100. It’s not a massive amount but it’s a bloody good start.

If you can donate please do, it’s very easy using Paypal or your debit/credit card, and if you aren’t or already help out in other ways then please Retweet the tweets, share this page and like the Facebook status message about it, because it all adds up.

Thank you!

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