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10 comments / Order Tramadol 100Mg Online

  1. One thing i’ve learnt as a parent is to filter…it starts when you’re pregnant, i remember choosing a home birth with my first(didn’t happen but that’s another story)and was shocked at the criticism i got. My filter works like this, listen, nod, if i like the advice i may try it, if not it goes in the filter bin. People are amazing in their belief if you don’t do things their way you’re wrong and they have the right to judge you and work to make you change. One size doesn’t fit all…do what’s best for you and your family to keep you all happy and healthy.

  2. As both a Mother and Grandmother I can appreciate your frustration and I can tell you that nothing changes! As to the breast feeding debate I have never understood the logic of not giving ALL babies solids until 6 months this just doesn’t acknowledge individuality at all. Some babies are naturally tiny and others are large. I have certainly seen Mothers on the point of complete exhaustion , frustration and despair trying to keep a very hungry baby satisfied on breast milk alone. My advice would be to listen to your baby they will soon let you know when they are unsatisfied.

  3. I feel exactly the same. I’m fed up of explaining myself, especially 2 those without children and therefore without a clue! I bottlefed… so what. I have a nursery and childminder… so what. And guess what… I have 2 very bright, very happy children who know they are loved and never judge me! When nathan was walking at 10 mnths and Kimberley was sitting at 4 months… no one asked if that was down 2 breast feeding or being a stay at home mum. Rant over lol x

  4. It’s worth reading about the research. There were no new studies done, these findings come after a review of existing research. Three of the four authors have previously worked for baby food companies as consultants or researchers.

    As for how you bring up your children, well that’s your business. Our families are all different, and what works for one won’t work for another.

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