REVIEW – Maclaren Beginnings Range (Travel Kit)… first test results

…and a big thumbs up!
For me bath-time has always been a magical time, and lets face it… there is nothing nicer than snuggling up to a freshly bathed and gorgeous smelling newborn!

On opening the Travel Kit, I was surprised how much there was included!

  • Cocooning massage oil
  • Calming bath milk
  • Protecting nappy change cream
  • Absorbing dusting powder
  • Soothing delicate soap
  • Comforting room mist
  • Celebration natural wax candle
Everything you need plus some extras for a bit of luxury! Today’s test was on the bath and body items ie bath milk, change cream, dusting powder and soap.

Now I have to admit that initially I wasn’t fussed on the scent of the bath milk, I expected the scent to be that “old lady” lavender smell that gets into your nostrils and never leaves, but actually it is quite delicate and indeed soothing. Obviously the collection of scents used (lavender, mandarin and Roman chamomile), are what makes it unique.

Having had a lovely soothing soak in the bath, (bath milk) and a wash (delicate soap), a clean nappy (nappy change cream), and a gentle dusting down with the absorbing dusting powder … Taylor smelled good enough to eat! Absolutely gorgeous. I love baby bath-time, it’s a great time for 1-1 bonding and I really enjoyed treating him to this special bath-time. Luckily the samples are of a generous size so I will to test it out again, and again, and… (just to be sure obviously!). The quality of the products are undeniable, and as a Mum, I am confident in using these on Taylor, not least because the Maclaren Beginnings range is made using certified organic ingredients.

Taylor certainly seemed to enjoy his bath and although never usually an unsettled baby, was most definitely mellow and happy afterwards.

I’m looking forward to our next test, encompassing the rest of the products in the kit!

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