Oh The Relief! Baby- We have a GO!

At last! This pregnancy has had more ups and downs than a clown on a pogo stick (description kindly provided by the husband as neither of us could think of anything else that wasn’t rude).

Have a scroll back through my recent blogs for the full story but basically I was due on 8th Dec (40wks) and had a homebirth planned. Now I have gestational diabetes, and am having a csection at 38wks and have been waiting for seems forever to get my dates booked and today….. success!

On the 23rd November – my second child will be born, another boy, by C section and I am so relieved to have the date sorted!! I’m being admitted the week before for steroids etc for two days and having those dates help too as I can finally get childcare sorted for Kieran. It’s been a pain getting a date pinned down as it may be this week, or that week due to this result and that result but today’s scans and results were all fine and bubs looks very healthy. Bring it on. Kieran is so excited that in 21 sleeps his baby brother will be here and so are we.

Now I just need to make sure I have everything! Nursery is sorted but my bag isn’t (due mainly to me not having a bag lol), baby hasn’t a decent changing bag yet and there are still bits and pieces to do but other than that we are on a go, so I have a few weeks now to rest up, crack on with work and look forward to meeting Mr C Jnr #2!

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  1. How exciting! We have just started talking about baby number 2 and since we have I suddenly feel very broody! Little, squishy, milky newborns… Yummy! Enjoy 🙂

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