REVIEW: The Wonder That Is Little Dish!

My gut reaction when I was contacted by Little Dish and asked to review some of their meals and the new cookbook was that perhaps they thought Kieran was much younger than he is (he is 4.5yrs and at school) as my perception of Little Dish was that they catered purely for the younger child ie weaning type foods/stage.

A quick look at the website proved me wrong as the range caters for children from the beginning of weaning and far beyond.
We received a fab “good bag” to try (when I say bag I actually mean large cool bag!) and Kieran recognised the brand straight away, which was odd as we’ve never has Little Dish at home!
Now I have a confession to make. When I was pregnant with Kieran I was adamant that he would do as we did growing up, and get what he was given, eat “proper” food and that I was not going to be caught out by a fussy eater. I just wasn’t. Then I became a Mum and realised with a shock that I couldn’t control everything and I wouldn’t automatically win every battle first time, simply on the basis of my being the Mum and in charge. Kieran does not particularly like fruit and veg. In fact, he cares very little for fruit, apart from bananas of course, and tolerated, until very recently, pretty much no veg. Humph!

The goody bag contain a variety of ready meals and pureed fruits and vegetables. The first test was Fish Pie. Now the portion size was perfect, the taste test according to Kieran was a riproaring success, and the convenience of a healthy ready meal, especially if we wanted something like a spicy curry, was a godsend. What I particularly liked about this meal, and all the others in the range we tried, was that the vegetables weren’t hidden, no blending in and hoping the child didn’t notice (I just wanted Kieran to eat it and know he was eating fruit and veg, to recognise why they were important, and like it dammit!). He didn’t bat an eyelid at the chopped carrot etc (traitor) and wolfed it down. He actually asked for the same for tea the next night and was disappointed when he couldn’t have it, although not for long as he absolutely loved his chicken risotto!
The ready meals, are an absolutely genius idea, and for me as a Mum get top marks. Kieran says they are “wicked cool” so I’m guessing that is 4yr old speak for “delicious Mummy”.

The pureed pouches I wasn’t so fussed on initially, again assuming they were for younger kids but some ideas from the website set us on the right track. Kieran had blended fruits with yogurt, in porridge, frozen as a lolly and on their own! Again a big hit. The savoury packs were great for mixing with meats as sauces, putting with pasta and so on.

I have to say I am surprised but thrilled at how well they all went down, seeing as he could besuch a fussy little fella at times! I won’t credit Little Dish entirely, as I suspect he was coming to the end of his fussy stage but from day one of the trial to present day (over a month) he has really taken an interest in fruit and vegetables, their different textures and tastes, recipes, and seldom leaves any of his meal. A huge relief for the guilty feeling Mum.
Many of you know that I am expecting baby 2 soon and I have decided that when it comes to weaning etc that Little Dish will be right up there as a brand I trust to delivery high quality, child focussed foods! Top marks from Mummy and Kieran!

Keep an eye open for when we trial and review the Little Dish cookbook over half-term!
*Although I was approached by Little Dish and asked to sample and review, these opinions are genuine and my own (and Kieran’s).

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