Family times

We’ve had a lovely family week, visiting friends and family, drives out, stopping to look at wildlife, even deer at a local park, woodland walks, watching dvd’s with all of us curled up on the sofa. Real quality family time! Even so, knowing my fellas like I do, I don’t know why I was surprised at the answer to my question….

Mummy: “So what we we like best about this weekend? What was your favourite bit?”
Without skipping a beat both Roy & Kieran answered….

McFlurry Magic
Watch your fingers there hun!

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  1. Ha, I can believe it from your little one, but you need to have a word with your other half! We recently had a fortnight in Feurteventura and dined at some gorgeous restaurants. We were about a 40 minute drive from the airport, which is where the only Muck D's on the island was located nearby. All holiday the kids kept asking if we could have McD's before we went for the plane.

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