The Work and Family Show – Feb 21st and 22nd

work and family

21st & 22nd February 2014 – ExCeL London

I am often asked “How do you manage a business, working from home full time and a family?” and more frequently, “How can I?”. The first ever Work and Family Show which has been sponsored by My Family Care and Sky Broadband Shield has been set up to help working parents with that all important work/life balance.

Sadly I am unable to go because I love the idea of this show and would enjoy the opportunity to see it first hand and report back directly about how it went however for those who are able to attend it could very well be one of the best personal and professional decisions you will ever make.

The show is all about giving you the information you need to take those first steps into self-employment or for those already experienced in working for themselves, additional opportunities and invaluable information.

The Work & Family Show will include the following dedicated areas:

  • Recruitment & Employers – Work Opportunities (sponsored by
  • Career Advice & Personal Development – Education & Advice
  • Image, Style & Media Resources – Personal Branding & Development
  • Family Services, Enablers & Networking – Support Systems
  • Franchise, Self-Employment & Start Up Business – Going it Alone

Tickets are available from from just £12, and people coming to the neighbouring Baby Show will have free entrance*.

Opening times:

Friday 21st February: 9.30am – 5pm (trade and press entry from 8.30am on Friday for a networking breakfast)

Saturday 22nd February: 10am – 5pm

The Working Mum – Reorganising and prioritising

In short, I am knackered!
My Facebook status today says it all today:

Being a working parent can be tiring regardless of whether you are working at home for yourself or out of the home for someone else. First there is the guilt “Am I spending enough time with the kids?”, then “Am I a spending enough time with the Husband” and of course “Will my housework ever be up to date?”.
In recent months I have taken on extra work and responsibilities and my working hours have been extended, working from the crack of sparrow until last thing at night in a bid to ensure that I don’t interrupt the time with the family, but this isn’t something that I can maintain indefinitely. I’m a tad shattered to be honest and need to reorganise and re-prioritise my work.

When you work for yourself you don’t tend to work the recommended hours as set out as in the EU guidelines and  you don’t have a boss telling to to slow down. What you do need to do is recognise your limitations and take time out every now and then to reassess. This is my advice to all of those working parents today who push themselves too hard… remember why you are working like a devil and enjoy the fruits of your labour more. Remember, we are only human!

For me, this week is about a fresh start, new (realistic) goals and starting to remember again why I’ve loved working from home for the past six years.

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