A Social Media Break

I’m taking a social media break for a week. I’ve a crazy busy work week from tomorrow and need some quiet, distraction-free, head-down writing time. I won’t be reading PM or DM messages but my emails will be open for anyone who feels the need to bypass social media and email me (i.e. for work). Family and close friends have my mobile number.

I haven’t done this for… ever, I don’t think. There’s a lot of noise everyone at the moment though, mostly digitally and with only one full week left before the school holidays start I need (and want) to focus on the work, and on me! 
Noise can be very pressing sometimes when you’re staring at a to-do list and can’t hear yourself think, let alone work.

Here’s to a blissfully quiet and productive week.


Back to school… woo hoo!

I’m feeling very relaxed today, but also a bit excited!

Kieran sailed into school today without so much as a backwards glance so I’m guessing he’ll be fine. Everything was organised last night, everything clean, shined, creaseless and named. His packed lunch has been filled with yummy goodness and his hair had been cut. I’m pretty sure we remembered everything.

He’ll have a fantastic day no doubt, catching up with the friends he’s missed over the holiday and getting back to grips with the routine. I can hardly wait for 3.30pm and watching him bound out the door to give me a hug and tell me about his day, but to be honest, as much as we’ve all had a fantastic summer holiday together, it was time.

How am I? No lumps in the throat, no damp eyes… I’m quite excited! He’s fine so I’m fine but on top of that, I can get organised again! We have a good daily routine and of course have stuck to it as best we can but it’s been holiday time and lets face it, rules are meant to be broken! Now it’s my time new term, with my new sharpened pencil (or new unchewed biro), new notebook (my Dodo Pad is being given some welly this morning!) and I am already catching up.

You see, I work from home full-time a freelance writer. I still have nine month old Taylor at home but he has big naps and I can work around him while still making sure he gets plenty of attention. It’s a bit harder with a 5yr old who can’t find the craft clue, wants a playdate, or NEEDS to do some baking right away. It’s very quiet today, and very autumn feeling and I’m loving how productive today has been already! I am half through catching up on the bits and pieces that haven’t been finished due to the holiday fun, have cleared my emails, renamed files and folders and am loving every minute of it.

I’m glad he’s back now, he was ready, and so was I!


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