Winding Down After a Busy Day 

This weekend (the first May bank holiday weekend) has been suitably manic on the busy-scale, as per usual. I took Kieran to Code Club and we did the library while Roy and Taylor did suitably blokey stuff (Roy showed him how to play the ukulele). Kieran had a party with a friend and onto the local fair, we’ve been walking, hit the park, there was ice cream for the fellas, we had people around on Sunday for the afternoon… it was busy but great fun.

Sometimes when you’ve had a busy day or a busy weekend you find yourself craving a bit of “me” time. I work from home full-time and so you’d think that when work is done, the kids are tucked up and what not that I’d be desperate to get out and about. Honestly, the complete opposite is true.

You see, I’m a home bod. I love my house and don’t feel the need to leave it of an evening unless we have to or have something particularly special planned. Indeed once the kids are in bed you are most likely to find me tucked up in my PJs and slipper boots. Not the look of a gal going out on the town!

Here are my top five ways to unwind after a busy day – please feel free to add more via the comments, I’m always looking for activities that are fun and don’t require summoning up extra energy!


An oldie but a goodie. I love to read and devour books. I’m also someone who will read from pretty much any genre. For those looking for inspiration in the last week alone I have read Hidden Treasures by Fern Britton (I’ve read a few of hers and they have all been excellent), Hide Her Name by Nadine Dorries and Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani (I struggled to put this one down!).

A must read!


Bear with me on this one! I love to be organised, I am a self-confessed and publically recognise stationery tart. I love being a bit creative. I’ve managed to merge these loves into a hobby of sorts which is not entirely unlike scrapbooking. I have an Erin Condren planner which I had shipped from America. if you could love a diary/planner then I’d happily state I love this one. I offers everything I need for work, family AND home and even better, I get to spend time making it pretty.


A Bit of Bingo

I was ever so sad when the Regent Bingo Club here in Thirsk closed down. The building was made into apartments and a swish cocktail bar (which has be closed for a couple of years now – what a waste!). I now get my bingo fix online, and why not? I set a budget, curl up on the sofa in my PJs and thoroughly enjoy a little flutter. Next on my hit list to explore is the Bingo EXTRA website, I might even win big and treat myself to some new PJs and slipper boots!


I am not a baker. I’ll bake with the boys and fill the scone tin up from time to time however my true passion lies in cooking savoury dishes. I adore having the opportunity (and peace!) to turn on the radio, close the door to the kitchen and just create. I’ll often do this of an evening and freeze my efforts for easy meals during the week.


Netflix / Sky

We (Roy and I) record certain TV shows and watch them together, such as Game of Thrones. I also have my regulars such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Good Wife, Madame Secretary and we both enjoy trawling Netflix for now (and old) films and seasons to enjoy. We’re both waiting for the new Orange is the New Black to start!

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

The Working Mum- My full proof plan for working during the holidays (or not)

We’ve just had two week off school for Easter.

Fortunately I had airtight plans in place that would enable me to continue to work and have both kids at home, and still do loads of exciting and education activities. We had plans for outdoor activities for exercise and fresh air and much more besides.

At the start of the holidays I was all very excited. I had reduced some of my work for the fortnight and set up an uber-organised plan for when I would be free and when it was kiddie time.

Seriously? How optimistic was that? In fairness I was asking for something to go a bit wrong. And it did.
First of all there was the weather. Wet, windy, dark, cold…. I had forgotten to factor in April showers.

Then there was illness. Kieran was ill for four days, Taylor spend a week cutting back teeth (in a very disturbingly clingy and tearful way – Kieran’s just popped through so worries, poor Taylor was past himself!) and then to add insult and injury Taylor got a rip-roaring ear infection. My poor children!

Lets just say that my uber-plan was recycled and used to make a paper airplane and everything ground to a halt. There was no way I could do any more than basic admin during the day so I ended up working stupidly long evenings and starting very early (i.e. before the cuckoo) to get everything done.
It may not have gone to plan exactly but all the work got done, the kids were well looked after and the house has even stay almost tidy. Not bad going really.

The beauty of being freelance for me is that I can pick up extra work when required, lower my workload if necessary and can work whatever hours I like so that I can be truly flexible to fit in with the needs of the family, the home, and my own schedule outside of work.

Airtight isn’t airtight when you have  kids and we may not have stuck to “The Plan” but we had fun and spent lots of quality time together. I think I’ll stop with the super organised plans for holiday times in the future and just go with the flow!

And when I really did need to do something... I could just pop the kids into storage :)

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