The Unthinkable

There are many things in life that are certain. You will get older for example. The sun will rise, the sun will set and British weather will continue to bamboozle us all. There are other things that are likely or may be assumed, such as being in a serious relationship, getting a job, perhaps having children. Then there is The Unthinkable that’s not certain, it’s not highly likely but it’s possible. By The Unthinkable, I’m referring to something happening that might result in a personal injury claim.

I’m pretty good with the internet and the news and it seems that every single day there are reports of something bad happening to someone who quite frankly didn’t deserve it, such as an injury that wasn’t their fault. As a parent, something bad happening to the kids is beyond unthinkable, so unthinkable quite frankly, I’m just not going there. Something happening either Roy or I, that would be terrible.

We have this somewhat macabre saying, Roy and I. We say, “If I was run over by a bus tomorrow……”; it’s our reference point for if one of us had an accident/were injured and couldn’t work. We both work and as someone who works from home myself being injured would be catastrophic. Lost earnings, losing clients as I have no colleagues to pick up the slack, looking after the boys, doing the school run, taking them (and paying for) their out of school activities. With the unthinkable comes the necessity of having to think about the practical.

Now I stop to think about it, being injured would be plain blooming awful, both for me or Roy (obviously) but for the family short and long term. What would make such a circumstance even more difficult to get past would be someone else being at fault. When I think of the types of injuries that are not uncommon yet could so easily happen, I shudder a little.

Thankfully, cross your fingers, touch wood and all that I’d like to hope that we personally won’t be affected by injury thanks to the actions and poor choices of others, however, I’m not naive enough to presume it couldn’t happen. It could, it does and worryingly, those who find themselves hurt and out of pocket because of others believe that ultimately that they would need to “suck it up”, to try and get past it themselves, regardless of the hardship.

That isn’t the case however as there are people who can help. If your first thought on reading that last sentence was “ambulance chasers” I wouldn’t blame you. There are a great number of people who would happily cash in on your misery in order to make themselves money. There are however those who, while still running a business, and not pretending to do otherwise (which is refreshing) who do want to help, who are trained to help and who do so in a way that is sensitive to your situation, and the situation of those around you.

Would I contact someone reputable to help me gain compensation if I was hurt due to negligence, due to carelessness which in injuring me would have a detrimental effect on my boys? Yes, I would. I would do anything to soften the blow and any lasting issues they would be party to, never mind dealing with my own issues and injuries. I’d also hope that in doing so that while primarily my motives would be for my family that I would also want to see things change. Sad but true, sometimes change occurs only after a legal case forces people to change. If change could help other families escape the same issues then yes, I would go for it!

What about you? If the unthinkable happened and someone was hurt through someone else’s actions, what would you do?


The Perfect Parent Night In

Twas the night after a work day, when all through the house,
No children are stirring, not even for snacks
Mummy is tired, Daddy is zonked,
Which means it is time to put their fab onesies on.

When I was young I thought I knew what tired meant. Oh boy, was I deluded! Fast forward many a few years later and I am a mother of two children, run my own business full time (from home), help with school trips/escort duty, shop, cook, clean, pay bills etc. Roy isn’t any less busy. His work day often starts at 7am (sometimes earlier) and may finish at any time. Then he likes to spend time with the boys, help with house stuff… you get it, we’re busy.

This kind of non-stop action is great in a Marvel film however when your parenting superpowers are starting to fade at the end of the evening you need some proper chilling out time to recuperate.

The Essentials

Food is fuel. While I would happily flop in front of the TV with a takeaway this gets expensive and isn’t the healthiest option. The slow cooker is my friend. We tend to eat all together as a family but sometimes having a meal for just us, and one I haven’t just been slaving over, is a win.

Oh boy, let me tell you. There is nothing, and I mean nothing more fabulous than ditching the jeans and socks, flinging off my bra and slipping into something comfortable. We’ve been married nearly fourteen years now and again, have children. My slipping into something “comfortable” no longer means something silky. It means a giant, fluffy, warm and comfortable panda onesie or similar.
For true glass of wine/cup of proper coffee in hand, TV watching, snuggled up chilling without the kids, proper attire is a must.

Seriously, I need to get us a couple of these! They have pockets FOR SNACKS and everything!

Once the boys are in bed our energy levels start to wane a little. We don’t want to do anything particularly energetic however we want to do something rather than fall into bed at 7.30pm (sometimes we are tired enough to fall into bed at 7.30pm). We watch TV (things we’ve saved up/recorded to watch together), he might play on the Xbox while I piddle about beside him on the tablet, he might do some of his crafty stuff, I might make a new piece of jewellery. 


Top Tips for A Perfect Parent Night In

Nothing is going to spoil your zen-like feeling of complete relaxation quicker than interlopers. You know the sort, small, cute-looking and very demanding? You need to pre-empt their disruption attacks by being proactive.

For example:

  • Water/juice in a sports bottle (age appropriate) may be left outside bedroom doors to quench the inevitable “I’m thirstyyyyy” calls.
  • Before bed make sure each child eats something you call the bedtime snack and make sure they know that this food is special and magical and will fill their tummy all night and that they can’t possibly have anything else.
  • Spray water around the bedroom from a bottle with a label that reads “monster and nightmare spray”. You are dealing with bad dreams and monsters in advance. It works, trust us.
  • Older kids can be threatened with wi-fi/digital time withdrawal if they come downstairs after a certain time (highly effective).
  • Leave a pencil and paper outside children’s room so that thing they HAVE to tell you can be written down and you will see it when you come up to bed.Job’s a good ‘un!

What’s your idea of a perfectly relaxing evening in?

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