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Early last year I took part in a easy green cleaning challenge (say that three times over quickly!) and as part of that I was introduced to Ecloth. I have been using them ever since and highly recommend them for effective cleaning with little effort. I even use the ecloth floor mop and have found the cloths to last longer even that standard cleaning cloths and pads.
When I was asked to review some more of the Ecloth range, namely the Stay Fresh Ecloth and the  Glass Polishing Cloth I decided there was someone else better suited to the job. My sister Lauren. Lauren has recently moved into her first home and has inherited some beautiful built in mirrored wardrobes, which are a blinking nightmare to keep clean.

Lauren hadn’t used Ecloth before so this was a good way to test them out.










The verdict?
These are brilliant! My favourite is the glass and polish cloth which makes mirrors so easy to clean, even the bathroom mirror which gets smeared with water and toothpaste splashes. It now just takes just a quick wipe. The Stay Fresh cloth lives in the kitchen and makes cleaning up so easy. The cloth contains odour absorbing natural charcoal which keeps it fresh which is great, especially when my house-mates like to use it too“.

I think I have converted her! I love Ecloth and can’t imagine going back to “normal” cloths now. I suspect Lauren now feels the same way.

You can view the full Ecloth range on their website and if you have any questions  give them a shout on Twitter or Facebook.

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I  been invited to take the ‘Green Clean Challenge’ – can I say goodbye to chemical cleaning products for a whole month?

Well I won’t know if I don’t try. Today is Bank Holiday Monday – the tradition Big Clean day in my house, so from today, out with my usual cleaning products and in with chemical free alternatives! As well as a selection of different cloths and an ecloth mop, we have everything from eco-washing liquid, eco washing balls, and air-freshener to salt, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon!

Thankfully the lovely lady who sent me these goodies also sent me a comprehensive guide for how to use them (which just goes to show how out of touch I’ve become with tradition cleaning methods, favouring the off-the-shelf brands without considering an alternative).

So, here goes! We all say we want to be more green so this is an ideal place to start. I’ll be reporting back on the different products, with hints and tips and more and at the end of the month, will sum up whether I can ditch the chemicals for good or not! I am hoping, that as well as effective cleaning (etc) that this trial will also show me another way to cut my household shopping bills, but we’ll see!

While I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing, why don’t you pop along to the ECloth’s website to have a nosy at some of the products available. I didn’t realise there were so many!


*I am replacing all my cleaning materials with the ones provided with the exception of sterilising fluid for Taylor’s bottles.

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