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I am a tart.

A stationery tart (shame on you lot that didn’t even blink at that!!). Few things bring me greater joy
than opening a new notepad, good quality paper and envelopes, my beloved diary… (mind wanders).
Ok, for some people this might sound insane or at the very least that I have been spending too much time indoors of late and need to get an outdoor hobby, but for others it will make perfect sense.
When Margaret, from WriteAtHome contacted me and asked me if she could send me something to review, I was over the moon. 
 Clearly Margaret is also a stationery tart as she has made a business out of selling beautiful notepads, pens, diaries and more.
I was struck by her ”About me” section on her website as it sounds so very much like myself!
As a child I always loved the start of the Autumn Term in September – crisp leaves, new school shoes and the opening up of a brand new exercise book which was just waiting to be written in with a brand new fountain pen!
This love of paper and pens has never left me and now that I have a family of my own, in this age of technology, I am keen to pass this on this love of stationery.  Nothing is more pleasurable than receiving a hand written letter or the joy of re-reading diaries from years gone by.”
The item Margaret sent me was a ceramic notepad ceramic notepad .
A what now??”
Yes you read correctly, a ceramic notepad. Reusable over and over this ceramic notepad is so useful, not to mention environmentally friendly. I use this on my kitchen counter as it is the one place both Roy and myself are guaranteed not to miss but it can also be hung on the wall.
This notepad is wipe-clean and can be written on in felt tip, china pencil (included) and even permanent marker.
I have to say I wasn’t convinced by the permanent marker but it does come right off (we did extensive testing which meant leaving it on for four days – which incidentally is the amount of time it took Roy to actually get his bum in gear and do the job it was there to remind him of!).
The china pencil, which as I said comes included, works fine but I much prefer a felt tip, which is what Margaret advised I use instead.
A fantastic around the home item, (we use for reminders, shopping lists, the odd romantic message written by Roy before he goes off to work (he’ll kill me if he reads this!)), it would also make a great and unique gift.
My Rating 5/5
Have a look on the website which is constantly being updated with new items and email Margaret with any queries regarding her items or events that she will be attending or via her =””>Contact Us section on the website.

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