Paypal Comp – Win £40,000! (Feel free to donate it back to me though hehe)

PayPal have launched a brilliant prize draw promotion that give everyone who enters the chance to win a year’s salary of £40,000. Find it at
When I saw this latest fab Paypal promotion it really did give me goosebumps – seriously, what could I do with £40,000 (please bear in mind that if I won £40 I’d be past myself in delirium so £40k!!??).  
What 5 things would I buy (to start with lol!)

  1. This top notch lappy from –  An excessive amount to pay for a laptop seeing as I am not an IT professional but seriously – how can you not say this isn’t the dog bollocks!!

  2. A ToysRus blowout – Roy is banned from our local store (by me!) as he is the biggest kid going (he is 33yrs old this month!) but i can spend hours on looking at things I’d love to get for Kieran but don’t have the money for. I wouldn’t go ridiculously silly (don’t want a spoilt child) but there are some fantastic learning and fun toys/games in there! They aren’t on the site at the mo but I would love to get him a garden playhouse (proper sturdy one!) to play in next year (and for baby 2 as well of course!).

  3. would be the next destination to get us all bikes. I haven’t ridden a bike in um well far too but we live in North Yorkshire for goodness sake and have some of the most gorgeous countryside anywhere. We love getting out and about and I’d love us all to be able to do it on bikes, and really explore (and to be honest the exercise would not harm me!)

  4. 4) Then (pure indulgence) – I have inherited Roy’s little ipod-thingy. So far it has Glee on it. I find music so expensive and like to have lots of different tracks, from sloppy to rocking to listen to when doing housework, in the bath, gawd all the time. Yup – I would have a huge blitz here!

  5. Last (but not least!) – it would be off to – I adore this site (although do really miss the stores still!) and they have a huge range of furniture and what not, bedding, towels…. pretty everything you would need to completely kit out/renew every room. I would have an absolute field day here!
    This really would be just the start because lets be honest, not even I could spend £40,000 on these 5 sites, but what you could spend it on, and dreams you could make come true, really makes this competition worth entering! This is a weekly draw and the full terms and conditions can be found at:
    What have you got to lose? Enter now for your chance to win
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    Forgive me……….

     ..Acer for I have sinned – I have been completely faithful to you and my 5313 Acer laptop until now, but have today started up an affair with the Nokia 3G Booklet and I’m just not sure about how I feel about you/us anymore. I think we need a short break ie two weeks for me to explore my newfound relationship with Barry (the Booklet) and to work out where my true affections lie.
    Nicki x
    Yes, this does mean what you think it does (no, not that I have finally lost the plot!!), but that I have been sent a shiny (oh forget shiny- this is absolutely gorgeous!) Nokia 3G Booklet to trial and review for C&C. I am not an IT professional, a genius, and am not being paid or persuaded by Nokia in any way when it comes to writing about this product so iI am reviewing it as best I know how to- as me! Yup, little old me, Mum to 1.5kids, freelance writer / blogger / reviewer, and a person who can see the day looming where her faithful Acer laptop may need to be retired and a replacement sought.

    Thanks though in advance to Paul & Co at Nokia @WOMWorldNokia and to @hooker1uk for giving me the idea to contact them and not letting on to them that I am complete fruitloop 🙂

    Watch this space!

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