Itty Bittys From Hallmark: Fun for Play and Collecting

I’ve been a Mum for over eleven years now and have seen many popular toys and games, crazes and fad come and go. Imagine my glee then when I was introduced to the Itty Bittys from Hallmark. These are not only brilliant as standalone toys but make great autumn/rainy day fun prompts and are fabulous for collecting too.

Taylor was sent six of these fab fun characters and we have had a great time with them as they may be used in so many ways.


itty bittysBeing slightly more grown-up than Taylor I’d be tempted to have the Itty Bittys as display items but then he’s 6yrs old and I’m….not. I have Funko Pop figures of my own to play with but these smaller, cuter versions of favourite Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and SuperHero Girls are perfect in size and style for younger children to have as favourite companions. Taylor has had a different Itty Bitty for a bedtime mini teddy (or a teddy for his teddy) every night. He’s also had one in his pocket when going for an autumn foraging adventure. These make awesome companions.

Hide and Seek

Cute and fun, Itty Bittys are great for playing games with. Our favourite is hide and seek when we take turns in hiding the characters in Taylor’s room for the other one to find. There was that one time I thought I’d be clever and hide Robin in Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine toy and forgot all about him but Batman came to the rescue eventually and set him free.

Roleplay Toys

I’ve come across Taylor simply playing with the Itty Bittys. Yoda has been kidnapped and so the rest of the gang, led by a distraught Chewie has battled evil to find him and set him free. There’s really nothing better than watching your children come up with their own scenarios and act them out.


These Itty Bittys are soft and fast. You can play catch with them. You can make them fly. You get the picture.

Itty Bittys as Collectables

We have six of these fab Itty Bittys and they are very much loved. We have to have more! There are so many to collect and Taylor has asked if he can use his pocket money to get some more. Who am I to refuse? These Itty Bitty things are nothing short of awesome.

From a parent’s point of view, I love these Itty Bittys. They are very well made, look great and have offered us hours of fun so far. If you’re looking for stocking fillers, collectables or just some awesome gifts for your little ones these Itty Bittys fit the bill perfectly.


Tetris Light: Fabulous, Funky, Fun and From FindMeaGift

As many of you will already know, we moved house this summer. We only moved down the street but the new house is bigger, better and includes a funky attic boy-cave bedroom for the pre-teen who recently started secondary school. I’ve been busy trying to make his room as cool as it can be and this Tetris Light from FindMeaGift has ticked all of our light, fun and awesomeness boxes.

Tetris light, findmeagift, interior designI’ve seen these lights before and being a fan of all things retro and gamer-related I was tickled pink when FindMeaGift offered to send us something out to help finish Kieran’s room off. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was hoping he’d decide this wasn’t his thing so that I could nab it but no such luck.  

If you haven’t seen the Tetris Light before now, it’s quite fun. Not only do you have the benefit of a fun Tetris design, colour and design, just like the game you may customise how the blocks fall! We’ve had some great fun changing different combinations. The “bottom” light is plugged in, however, the remaining blocks simply magically light up when placed on the base or any other bricks already attached to it. We’ve made lots of sensible combinations and then I went into retro overload and managed to make a Tetris Lamp BERTIE! Bertie! Does it get any better than that?

Of course, I had to explain to Kieran about who Bertie is and then I had to give him the rest of the bricks back and stop playing with his new lamp…..

Tetris light, findmeagift

More Than the Tetris Light

Needless to say, the Tetris Lamp has been quite the hit. We’re very grateful to FindMeaGift for sending it over for us (ok, Kieran) to review, especially as it has given us the opportunity to explore the site a little more. I’ve found several bits and pieces for Roy’s birthday in November and a few Christmas gift ideas too. It’s well worth having a nosy as before they got in touch about helping us out with Kieran’s room I’d heard about FindMeaGift but hadn’t actually spent much time on there. Have a good dig and you’ll no doubt find some fabulous bits and pieces on there.

If you have any questions or just want to keep up to date with FindMeaGift’s news and offers, make sure you find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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