Alexia Claire’s The Stationery Club July Unboxing


If you have ordered the first Alexia Clare The Stationery Club box and haven’t opened it yet don’t keep scrolling as you’ll spoil it for yourself.

If you didn’t…..

Why not?

I’m very much a stationery tart as many of you already know and was incredibly excited when a few months ago the uber talented Alexia Claire announced that she was going to create and curate stationery boxes to be released monthly (on a different theme each time) for all of us fans.

July’s theme…..

Misty Mountain, stationery theme, Alexia Claire

The first box for early bird subscribers (I was in there bang in 8am!) cost just four pounds something (I forget exactly) which was a P&P charge however all subsequent boxes will be £15.00 on a rolling subscription until you choose to cancel. The full / exact details may be found via The Stationery Club page.

To the unboxing…..

I had decided to try my virgin hand at recording a YouTube video for this however thanks to tech fails you’ve escaped that horror and so get to see non-shaky photos instead.

Alexia Claire, stationery unboxing

The fun purple coloured box fits perfectly through the letterbox so no annoying “we missed you” red cards from the postie.

On opening the box we have some lovely purple tissue paper and – what’s this? It’s a furry thing! (After further investigation I’m going with the furry thing being a planner charm and a very cute one at that).

Alexia Claire

Next up we have this lovely handwritten note from Alexia herself (details of the mentioned hashtag competition were posted into the lid of the purple box and were clear to see)




Next up we have some absolutely adorable woodland creature paper clips. I love these, especially the fox.


Then we have four stickers, again following the Misty Mountain theme. I’m a sticker tart so these please me greatly.


Now we have some personalised notepaper (you were asked your preferred name when signing up – very clever) and some brown envelopes.

20150727_113340 20150727_113348

Then a DAILY PLANNER PAD! I adore Alexia’s planner pads, having bought the downloads for a couple via her Etsy store in the past. Again these go along with the Misty Mountain theme, are a convenient size and will definitely be used.


This next item I am very excited about. What we have here is a little craft kit that I have no doubt my boys will show me how to use properly,


Last but not least……. a free 40 page printable planner (and a fab quote on the back of this card).

To my horror on going to print said planner bundle I found myself out of ink (something I’ll sort later today) however take my word for it when I say WOW (I’ll add pictures for the bundle asap and link to Alexia’s own video unboxing when it goes live soon).


The bundle (again featuring the Misty Mountain theme) includes:

  • A “This Planner Belongs To: page
  • Daily planner printables (the same as in the pad)
  • A weekly planner
  • A monthly planner
  • To Do Lists (3 different ones to a page)
  • Note pages (lined)
  • A weekly menu page
  • A large to do list (1 per page) – perfect for a clipboard
  • Important dates
  • New project planner
  • Shopping lists
  • Social media planner
  • Daily spends tracker
  • Monthly spends tracker
  • Password keeper
  • A “My Sales” tracker
  • Blog post planner
  • A full page expenses planner
  • Petrol milegae tracker
  • Business expenses (full page)
  • Reading list
  • Wish list
  • Daily positivity worksheet
  • Daily health planner
  • Today’s meals
  • Printable bookmarks
  • Monthly planners January through to December

What is great of course is that you can print whichever pages you want and need, or all of them as many times as you like. This particular planner bundle is specific to The Stationery Club too.


Is it worth the £15 we’ll pay for the next box? I’m going to say for me absolutely. These boxes (this is not my first!) are always a bit pot luck because they are put together with the whole group in mind. For me though I have to say there’s nothing here that will be wasted and nothing I don’t like.

Thanks Alexia, from me this is a big thumbs up!


Sporting Memories



Photo credit

It’s a running joke in our family that we probably couldn’t be less sporty if we tried. Roy doesn’t watch sport, support a team or play. The boys, as active as they are, don’t claim to be sporty and while they’ll play footy etc. with friends and climb trees, they’d be just as happy walking round the Moors or such-like. Myself, I used to be sportier than what I am now. I played hockey for the Thirsk women’s team in my teens and at school was on the netball team (when much younger). All this mostly fell by the wayside when school work became more involved and boys came onto the scene to be honest.

Coming from a family with three brothers to balance us three sisters out it was always going to be a safe bet that there would be sport growing up and there certainly was. As well as avid football supporters, ranging from Boro to Man Utd to Rangers there was wresting, cricket (one brother is still a keen cricket player for a local team), F1 and more.

I have fantastic memories of playing sport when younger, visiting other schools to take part in competitions, playing badminton and even playing rounders on the beach with family. Thinking back I was probably sportier than I’ve since given myself credit for. One of my fondest sporting memories though is being snuggled up on the sofa and watching Bullseye or anything to do with darts. There’s something very soothing about the game yet it certainly has its excitements.

I’m no Phil Taylor or Jocky Wilson but if I was given the chance to play anything now it would be darts. Maybe it’s because of the fabulous memories I had of watching it with family or playing it as a young adult with my half a shandy in our local but whatever the reason I do love darts! I’ll even admit to sneaking off from time to time to throw a few darts in the so-called Man Den we have (an outside workshop) where Roy has hung a board. We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for the World Cup of Darts, and might even consider having a flutter on it if we get too tired of throwing them.

Do you have sport-related memories from a child and as you’ve grown? Have you continued to play sports or have an interest in them as a grown up? I’m curious! It’s strange that despite being very active when younger, enjoying team sports and what not that I have so little interest in it now, other than darts. Perhaps I used up my life-time of sport playing energy back when I wasn’t sat at a desk during the week or chasing boys around when not!

If you had a free hour or two and could try any sport, what would it be?

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