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It is here! The long awaited National Stationery Week has landed and with it a whole host of stationery related fun and more. Read more about what it’s all about, how to find out more and why writing matters (this year’s theme) here.

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As I mentioned in my original NSW week post I was fortunate to be sent a bag of goodies to play with from some of the brands supporting the week-long event including NU: Notebooks, Staedtler, Maped Helix, Bic and Sheaffer. As a dedicated stationery user I will admit to doing a victory lap around the dining table on opening my not-so-mini haul however I have now calmed myself enough to properly try out each item sent and this is what I found…..



I am an avid bullet journal fan, using it to pull together all of my “to do” items, from work and home. I find this system works very well for me as it helps me realistically plan my time (and who doesn’t like ticking off items when they are done). I am however very picky when it comes to what I write on and what I write with. I always use graph paper Field Notes and now use the fabulous Graph Peps pens from Maped Helix (extra fine 0.4) I was sent. I love the way the write, the triangular shape which makes them easy to hold and the fact that the pack came with red, black, green and blue pens giving me an everyday “master” pen and three others for colour coding and what not.

NU: Notebooks


I was new to NU: Notebooks before my bundle arrived however I am impressed. I had presumed that seeing as I’d seen NU: Notebooks pretty much everywhere that it would be a fairly cheap and cheerful, basic sort of brand that people buy because it is there and reliable. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Clearly NU: Notebooks are everywhere because everyone loves them!


The A7 jotter pictured here is perfect for on the go notes, shopping lists and more and the journal is a firm favourite of mine with perforated pages and a handy pouch at the back for receipts / notes etc. The paper quality is high, the covers feel great and are hardwearing, and both items are incredibly good value for money.



Despite having been around for some time (1945 I believe) Bic has a remarkable way of keeping up with what today’s pen-loving consumers are looking for, and produce this with style. I love the colours of these Cristal Fun pens and despite being a “thicker” pen at  1.6mm (I usually prefer a fine point) I find they write smoothly and look good.



To my delight I found a pack of these fabulous Staedtler pencils in my pack and to my horror my family have already pilfered a few of them. Roy especially loves these for sketching, the boys use them for homework (“because they make me writing neatly” says the 5yr old) and me, I use them for everything. When on client calls and furiously scribbling down notes or when writing in my family diary I always use a pencil and I always reach for Staedtler first.

Hands up if you used these at school?! I did and still love them today.



I haven’t had a lot to do with Sheaffer if I’m being honest and so wasn’t sure what to expect here. To my delight this penis reassuringly heavy (pen fans will understand what I mean here), writes beautifully, (even in my hand), and looks great. This is a pen I was be proud to give as a gift and happier still to receive.

My first experience of Sheaffer has been very positive and as such I fully intend to investigate the brand further to see what else they have on offer.

In Summary

I am very picky when it comes to my stationery…. very! The children love it when I try new pens, notebooks and pencils because if they don’t feel right or don’t work for me they get to keep them. Being so picky I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked everything that was sent and in some cases, such as the Maped Graphs Peps intend to replace my old favourite with my new.

Don’t forget to catch up with what these brilliant brands are doing via the National Stationery Week website and join the chatter on both Facebook and Twitter.

I was asked to write a candid review of these items and have. I’m not paid to review and get to keep the stationery regardless of what I write about it and so you may be sure that this is an honest review based on my own experiences.

National Stationery Week 2016



We’re almost there!

You’ll have no doubt seen my FB, Instagram and Twitter pictures and posts relating to the week us stationery tarts refer to as National Stationery Week. A whole week dedicated to the love not only of stationery from top brands such as NU: notebooks, Staedtler, Maped, Bic, Helix and Sheaffer but how they are used.

The theme of this year’s NSW is Writing Matters which is something that instantly calls out to me. As a freelance copywriter by trade the written word is a something I find beautiful and powerful. As a Mum and a stationery fan seeing these words on paper, written with a pen or a pencil I love as opposed to on a screen makes them all the more magical.

We (I saw “we” as trusted family members have already pilfered some of the contents!) were very lucky to be sent a bundle of stationery from the lovelies at Small Man Media who are the ones creating all the buzz about NSW. I’ll be reviewing these in more detail next week however right now I want to talk more about why “Writing Matters”.

Writing matters for a vast number of reasons. For me it is about creating something personal, something in my own hand. It is about our children creating something, be it a picture with a few words of explanation or a fantastic story they’ve written us. Writing matters because it is central to learning, for children and us grown ups too as the potential, and the passion for learning never really leaves us. There are so many reasons why writing matters (organisation being one, I’d be lost without my paper-led organisational tools) and to read more about this have a look at this National Stationery Week A-Z  of why writing matters.

Throughout the week, as well as celebrating stationery as a whole and in general you have seven dedicated days of stationery to look forward to….


In this fabulous digital age sometimes we forget the pure joy, as well as the usefulness of putting pen to paper and  a large part of NSW 2016 is about remembering why we love stationery so much.

That said… if you want to keep abreast (online) of all that is going on during National Stationery Week 2016 visit the NSW website and join the conversation via Twitter and on Facebook. To be fair, if you’re as mad about stationery as I am, the chances are you’ll be seeing posts about it popping up everywhere…. enjoy!


Keep up with what’s happening across social media with these hashtags.


Why does writing matter to you?


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