There are some things you just don’t skimp on.

  1. Coffee (have you ever tried the 49p jar of supermarket own coffee? I did once. Never again)
  2. Toilet Tissue (It’s 2017, no-one should be using that shiny paper or breathe and it dissolves stuff).
  3. Rubber Gloves.

We know what it means to have to tighten your belt, between the hit to our income when I gave up my pretty well-paid career after having Kieran to go self-employed and then again when Roy was made redundant. You’d be surprised what you can do without and how creative you can be. One thing I presumed I would have to skimp on was my favourite cleaning-related products, namely my Marigolds. 

Take it from someone who isn’t a great fan of doing dishes or housework, often chuntering under her breath as she does both, having a decent brand such as Marigold under your sink or draped over your taps makes all the difference. Given that the quality between the cheapest cleaning ranges and the Marigolds are miles apart and yet the prices significantly less so, they are (thankfully) a hard-working luxury you can afford.

Brands come and brands go and so it’s a testament to how much our beloved and well-known Marigolds are, given that this year is their 70th anniversary. Better still, Marigold, best known for their rubber gloves, also sell a number of other cleaning must-haves.  

It says something about the stage I’ve reached in my life when I was tickled pink to receive this PR package from the lovelies at Marigold to try some of the other items in the range (already being a washing up glove fan). 

I love the fact that this brand has been going so long and will continue to be a loyal supporter. You can find out more about their 70-year history and their current ranges here or join in the chatter over on Facebook. I can recommend all of these cleaning tools, with my gloves being a firm favourite as always (they don’t roll down and so you don’t end up with water in your gloves, which defeats the object and is no good for people who, like me, suffer from dry skin easily).

Overall I have to give Marigold a 5/5* rating, for the quality of their housework must-haves, their long-time commitment to the cleaning cause and the fact that they are really good value for money.

**I was sent these products for free. Marigold have had no input into my write-up and all opinions are my own.

Impressive Ideas for Nursery Decorating

Everywhere I look right now I see posts about pregnancy, about new babies and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not broody at all but I can’t help remembering fondly those early stages and firsts such as setting up / decorating a nursery and the first ultrasound where “baby looks rather like a large prawn (Kieran was called “Shrimp” for some time).

I read so many books, browsed so many sites and spent a lot of time changing my mind about nursery decor especially. For those of my friends and readers in the same position, these top decorating ideas, contributed by Funique, could be very useful!

5 Impressive Ideas for Decorating Nursery

When it comes to nursery and baby rooms, you have to be choosy and very observant as babies have delicate sensibilities and their surroundings (we are told) may make an impression on their upbringing. A nursery or baby room cannot be decorated and the interior cannot be designed without consideration for the delicacy involved in it. From the arrangement of furniture to creating ample floor space to decorating the interior with beautiful and spirited colours, you need to keep an eye on many things. Let us offer here some effective tips and ideas for decorating the nursery. Each of the ideas mentioned here are practical and verified with experience.

Grey is a great colour

Let me be frank about one thing. Baby furniture is often the most important consideration when it comes to decorating the nursery. However great the wall colours and lights are, it is the baby furniture that creates the ultimate impact and of course needs to serve a practical purpose. If you have chosen bright and vibrant colours for the baby room interior, the furniture colours might be better not following the same principles (too much of a good thing). Often creating a good contrast and balance with different colours for walls and furniture needs you to go for little drab colours in furniture. Grey is a nice option for furniture to create a sense of balance with the walls splattered with bright hues.

Often when creating a good contrast and balance with different colours for walls and furniture, you tend to lean towards more “drab” colours when it comes to furniture. Grey is a nice option for furniture as it creates a sense of balance with the walls splattered with bright hues. Grey baby furniture offers the right kind of balance and contrast that makes the room a really calm and soothing environment.

Mind the floor space

When it comes to decorating baby rooms, you must give attention to floor space. In fact, creating a sense of space is one of the most important considerations. Many consider a minimalist interior. There are some important considerations in this respect. First of all, baby rooms may not be very big in size but nevertheless creating a sense of space with effective positioning of furniture and choosing sleek and minimalist furniture design is essential. Secondly, you can leave out a few furniture pieces if they are not absolutely necessary. Thirdly always place the furniture in a way so that no part of the room looks cluttered. Lastly, a few smart pieces like wall hangers, wall pockets, hidden storage, etc. are effective to save space and make the room feel light and airy.

Choose furniture after seeing them in an original room setting

Not every piece of nursery furniture suits all baby rooms. It depends on a variety of factors. Often after seeing a piece of furniture in an original setting we just fall in love with it. One piece does not make a whole nursery though so consider how the other pieces within the set will work in your room and ask to see these pieces arranged together where possible.

Make decor transitional


Sometimes a few touches here and are enough to transform the interior of a home. In this respect we can suggest transitional decoration in order to create a timeless effect which will appeal to children (and grown-ups) of all ages. These much sought after yet aesthetically demanding elements can make baby rooms a beautiful space for the little ones.

Buy nursery furniture online

With the stunning range of options available for every kind of preference and choice we recommend you consider buying nursery furniture online. This offers you the widest range of choice for every furniture piece needed in your baby room. Moreover, when buying baby furniture sets including baby cot and other must-have pieces, online stores offer customer reviews, enable you to take a deeper look at the furniture pieces with full blown images to and see them in original room settings. Another plus point for buying nursery furniture online is that you often have access to better savings and deals online.

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