Aldi Halloween Special Buys

As a family we thoroughly enjoy Halloween. We don’t go trick or treating however still enjoy our own spooky fun! Every year so far and this year looks set to be the same Roy takes Kieran (now 9yrs) up to his grandparents who do Halloween in a big (and rather frightening!) way.

Taylor stays at home with me and usually my youngest sister Lauren and we man the door and take care of the Trick or Treat-ers! Of course the house must be decorated top to bottom, you must have a proper costume if you answer the door or go to someone else’s house and spider webs and pumpkins are not optional.


Taylor last year, ready to greet people and hand out spooky sweets!

When the lovelies at Aldi asked if I’d like to have a look at some of their Halloween range I thought why not? We were sent this bundle (free of charge) which included a spooky bucket (perfect for offering treats to door knockers), fabulously fun glasses and this seriously freaky door bell. I was home alone when the parcel arrived and pressed the button (not having read the ┬ápackaging properly) and threw the thing across the carpet when it boomed out its rather frightening welcome; the kids will love it! Everything that was sent is sturdy and well made, despite being ridiculously cheap to buy!


I’m something of a fan of Aldi, visiting it when I can and was thrilled recently to hear that we’ll be getting one here in Thirsk shortly (I heard a rumour that it’ll be by Xmas but we’ll see). If their Halloween fare is as good as this as and cheap as this I sincerely hope it does open in time for Christmas decorating!

If you are looking for costumes, decorations and accessories for Halloween get yourself down to Aldi and enjoy their seasonal special buy range (see more here).

Have a great Halloween!

*Aldi send us these seasonal goodies free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. They have had no input into this write-up.


Orchard Toys New Shopping List Game

ReviewIf you are or have in the past been a fan of Orchard Toys you’ll no doubt have seen or owned the Shopping List game. This fantastic memory, matching and fun game has players turning over shopping item tiles and remembering where they are in order to find the items on their list and fill their basket or trolley first to win.


This simple but fabulously fun game is one that we enjoyed playing with Kieran in the past and now have had the opportunity to play the revised version with Taylor while we review it (thanks Orchard Toys). While the bare bones of the game are exactly the same there are a few subtle differences between versions for example this one offers you the choice of a basket or a trolley to house your finds and as well as a generic paper  style shopping list you can now find the items on your phone shopping list too.


What remains the same is the brilliant quality of all the pieces, the educational value that comes from playing this game (including practicing turn taking) and how much fun you can have whilst playing it!

The game is available here direct from Orchard Toys and is one that not only have we enjoyed a lot, it is one that has been added to our approved list of great gifts for birthdays and Christmas-times.

We have enjoyed the Shopping List game several times during family games time and it is safe to say that it has been given the thumbs up!

Orchard Toys, Shopping List Game

A firm favourite during family games time!

*We were sent this game free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, orchard Toys have have no input into the content of this review which is based purely on our own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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