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Who remembers those iconic blue coloured fizzy drinks which were a special treat (I remember them from the ice cream van or at the school disco)? They were Panda Drinks, great fun and lovely tasting.

Bringing their brand up to date so that our own children may enjoy the same quality of flavour with a healthy slant Panda Drinks have relaunched and released a new range of drinks. We were sent a selection of fruit flavoured waters and juices to try. Needless to say they didn’t last two minutes as the boys loved them! Panda Splash, the orange and pineapple flavoured water as well as blackcurrant flavour as well as the new Panda Still Juice range including blackcurrant and raspberry flavours look set to be every bit as popular, if not more so, that their earlier counterparts.

These new “no nasties” drinks are both delicious and perfect for packed lunch boxes. With schools employing a firm policy against what are deemed unhealthy foods and drinks in school pack-ups these new Panda Drinks bottles fit in nicely. Hydration boosting and perfectly sized (250ml) for little hands Taylor (3yrs) loved taking his to nursery. The sports caps make these easy to open and close and of course are considerably less messy than straw drinks and open bottle lids.

Currently available at Asda, Tesco and Ocado and priced at £1.99 for a six bottle multi-pack these work out competitively priced and in many Tesco stores Panda Squash is now available in one litre bottles for a very reasonable 99p each. With a number of new flavours to discover including the new tropical and summer fruits there is something here for everyone.

For school packed lunches, carpet picnics (we spread blankets out in the lounge for our picnics now the colder, wetter autumn weather has arrived!) and for on the go we love the new Panda Drinks which offer everything we look for as parents (health benefits, no rubbish, easy to use bottles and a decent price) and of course the kids love the flavours.

They may not be blue and fizzy anymore however Panda Drinks are still as special now as they were then, simply more focused on what we are looking for in a soft drink for children in 2014

Splash! Panda Drinks

The world was hit with sad news recently with the announcement from the media of the passing of the renowned comedian Joan Rivers. As well as being well known for her biting wit and outrageous routines her fondness for plastic surgery still remains a newsworthy item for people to pick over.

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Yes there are a few examples in the public eye of where people have been nipped and tucked beyond recognition however I have to wonder if the sensationalist coverage of self-improvement procedures paints a negative light on what is actually a positive sector.

Some might say that we should be happy with what we are given. Are you? I can think of half a dozen things about my body which I would change. Could I personally see myself booking any of the many treatments or procedures available these day, probably not actually however if I had a self-esteem issue which stemmed from my looks I might.

I’m a firm believer that we are on earth for a limited amount of time and that (within reason!) we should spend as much time during those years doing whatever makes us happy. Life is definitely too short to be miserable. Could a breast enlargement or reduction purely for cosmetic reasons make someone happy, yes it could.

Whether it is the media coverage or not for some “having something done”, be that liposuction, scalp micro pigmentation to combat hair thinning in men, leg vein removal (this and varicose vein removal for me folks) or any number of other procedures are seen as a bad thing, a vain thing.

Women don’t have the monopoly on having body issues. Hair thinning and baldness cause much distress to many men too for example. The NHS puts the number of men in the UK who struggle with hair loss at some time of their lives at as many as 6.5 million.

Women don’t have the monopoly on having body issues. Hair thinning and baldness cause much distress to many men too for example. The NHS puts the number of men in the UK who struggle with hair loss at some time of their lives at as many as 6.5 million.

I haven’t worn a skirt since my wedding day and that was a dress that was full length. I wear jeans and trousers all through the summer. I never bare my legs outside the home as I hate the way all of the broken veins and rather hideous varicose veins look. If you’d asked me during this year’s heat wave if I’d have something done to change that I’d have screamed “yes”.

The difference between myself and many people however is that while I don’t show my legs off being as they look blooming awful it doesn’t cause me any angst. I don’t feel I have to pull back from a group, I’m no less confident because of it, I don’t suffer from self-loathing and anyone who knows me will confirm I really don’t have self-esteem issues. Some people however do.

Should we change our body if not happy with it? Why not? Yes there are extremes reported, such as celebs that are unrecognisable after numerous procedures however when used properly and according to guidelines I firmly believe that treatments and procedures that make you feel better about yourself are a good thing.

What do you think?

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