The ‘Swap January’ #AldiChallenge

I’m a keen bargain hunter, I hate waste and don’t pay more for anything than I absolutly have too. Some would call me a cheapskate however I prefer the term frugal. When one of the PR companies dealing with the Aldi health and beauty ranges got in touch and asked if I’d try out some products as part of the Swap January challenge however I was dubious. I’m a bit funny about what health and beauty products I’ll use and generally speaking believed that in this department you get what you pay for.

I was wrong.

January is now over and the products I’d been sent have been very well tested and I have to say they are as good as, if not better than the more expensive non-Aldi alternatives I’ve been using to date.

Swap January from Aldi


The items I was sent included:

  • Lacura Expert Day and Night Cream, (RRP £3.99 each). These were real winners for me. I pay three times that amount for my creams (over three times actually) and the results are identical.
  • Lacura Roll on Deodorant – I don’t use roll-on usually however did for the purpose of testing out products and found this fine. At 59p it is considerably cheaper than the roll-on brands I would usually have chosen if roll-on was my thing.
  • Lacura 3 in 1 Facial Wipes – These are another great find. These are wipes which do more than tickle the skin, they offer a really good wet cleanse and one wipe is more than enough. At 89p (ridiculously cheap in my opinion) I would stock up on these.
  • Carino Hairspray – I pay nearly £2 for the same sized container and this worked much better at taming curls without that awful crispy feeling you get with some cheaper hairsprays. I’ve been robbed!
  • Lacura Cotton Buds – a bud is a bud in my humble opinion however I’ve been paying £1 for a container with approximately a third less in it. The Aldi option is most definitely the cheaper version and it would last longer.
  • Carino Shampoo and Conditioner – at 65p these are great. For everyday family use and 35p cheaper a bottle than my local supermarket’s closest alternative these are a fab price.
  • AquaV KickStart Shower Gel – 69p. This is absolutely lush! I was sent a honey and shea butter scented shower gel and the whole family loved it. My local supermarket’s cheapest shower gels are £1 rrp each and no-where near as nice.
  • The Lacura Q10 Daily Face Cream – £1.49, I’ve not tested this as much as the others as have been using the Expert Day and Night Cream however it seems on par with similar I’ve bought in the past at three or four times the price for the same size.

What can I say other than in my eyes this Swap January test was a big win with me. Sadly I don’t have an Aldi near to me so this was a real blind trial however it has certainly made me look differently at brands and whether or not it’s necessary to pay over the odds when there are clearly cheaper versions which are just as good if not better.

Have you used Aldi’s health and beauty products? What do you think?

We're going on an adventure – Bargain Alert

I get an amazing amount of emails from PRs, new businesses and more every week asking me to write about their product, service or company. The majority sadly I just haven’t time to work with however when Flash-Price got in touch something grabbed my attention.

A new site Flash-Price are dedicated to finding you cut price fashion and accessories which appeals to me greatly given that I have two boys who are growing like weeds and a husband who really could do with some more clothes. Chatting to the folks from FP it quickly became evident that they really do put finding top goods at cracking prices at the top of their list. In fact they were almost as excited about bagging a bargain as I am (and as many of you know I am notoriously tight about spending, if I don’t need to I don’t).

They have some brilliant offers at the moment such as this:


Freebies people!

I’ve been sent two of the Beck & Hersey bags as a thank you for taking the time to write about the newly launched site and I have to say they are lovely. Roy has nabbed one for work already and I’m keeping the other under wraps for the New Year for Kieran as a new backpack (quite trendy as well as practical). The Urban Logik boots are similarly on my wishlist as again they look great, get 5* reviews online and if you search Flash-Price are considerably cheaper here than anywhere else. I’ve been having a good nosy around the site and have to say I’m impressed. There are some great prices, particularly on menswear and shoes/boots which is great for Christmas shopping.

Talking to the folks behind the scenes there are a lot more items ready to hit the website however while finding the best bargains is a must FP are concerned with finding on;y the very best items and so it could be that the womenswear section isn’t up and running until after the New Year.  Why advertise a site which isn’t packed to the gills already with new arrivals? Flash-Price didn’t want to wait for you (and me!) to miss out on some bargains for Christmas. In the meantime there is plenty still to choose from while the poor FP buyers are wandering the earth searching for the perfect additions to their current ranges.



If you sign up to the Flash-Price newsletter at the moment at ( ) you’ll receive a free Hack t-shirt (while stocks last).


Have a browse, bag some Christmas bargains and freebies and don’t forget to keep an eye on the site for new ranges, offers and more. In the meantime for a limited time only they are offering free UK delivery .




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