Web Design Frustrations

I am not a web designer. I’m just throwing that out there. I am determined though and that goes a long way.

Not only am I not a web designer but I hate liars and those that tease. For example, when you go to a WordPress theme page, it shows you a perfect example of how the theme will look. It’s perfect, it’s exactly what you wanted and so you install and activate it only to find that you have the bare bones and have to do LOADS of work to get it anywhere near what the advertised picture looks like.

So you sweat and you swear and you get it maybe half way there. It’s been a slog! Then you spend three more hours trying to do all of the rest only to find (after hours of toil) that in order to get these fab features, you need to upgrade to a pro version which just happens to come with a hefty price tag.

web design, scream


My original work website was thrown together in an afternoon nearly eight years ago and you can tell. Thankfully I haven’t relied on it at all to bring in work! I set myself some goals earlier in this year and one of those was to rebrand my copywriting self, putting together a significantly better website as well as having a photo shoot done and creating a new logo. Curly and Candid is staying just as she is. I might tinker with a new theme from time to time, however, this old girl has been happily rambling on for ten years now and is just fine as she is. My angst has been over the new business website.

Again, after many hours of swearing the website is taking shape (to be launched at a later date), my photo shoot has been completed and I have my images (more on this later) and I have my new logo, which again I’ll post more about later. This I can share with you, what do you think?

Adjustamatic Beds

I love my sleep. I also love the time I spend in bed with my husband. Now before you get all outraged this isn’t a post about that but more about us chilling out, enjoying time in bed relaxing together and being comfortable. 

We currently hold the world record for the number of pillows on our bed (I assume). I think Roy has seven and I have five. Obviously, we don’t sleep with all them, they get tossed to the bottom of the bed or onto the floor, however, we like to be well propped up. You see, we might go up to bed sometimes as early as 7.30pm. We don’t sleep at this time but we get out of our work clothes (etc), get PJs or whatever on and relax.

Bedtime relaxing might be watching shows on Netflix on the TV, we might read, Roy might write or draw, I might use my tablet. We do our own thing, together. To me this is a perfect way to finish off a day, however, lumpy pillows that slide down the back of the mattress is not what I’d call the best set-up. To be honest, once upon a time I might have considered looking at Adjustamatic single electric beds (I’ve had no end of back troubles in the past) however as they now offer the same benefits for those looking for a double this is a bonus and one we might well investigate for ourselves.

Sleep, as well as relaxed and support chilling out time in bed is important to us. We both work hard and good sleep is important for good health. Would we consider investing in an Adjustamatic bed so that we could both sit/lie comfortable? I think we would! 

What about you? Have you tried an Adjustamatic bed or fancied one? We’ll be upgrading our bed sooner rather than later and this option is most definitely on our list so I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we should buy!


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