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We don’t do the whole “You must buy me this, I must buy you that, our marriage and future happiness depends on Valentine’s Day” thing. We just don’t.

Instead we have a family Valentine’s Day, because we love each other you see. We spend lots of time together, we play games and we do nice things for each other. There are goodies and special / favourite foods and it is all a great fun day (or in our case weekend!). Any excuse to tell people you love them is ok by me.

You can see what we got up to below.

What did you do for St Val’s?

There was "I love you pasta"

There was “I love you pasta”


My fabulously nutty little sister Lauren took part in our family Valentine’s – I got some surprise goodies (she knows me so well – there was BOVRIL!) and the boys did cards etc for “Eedie Lauren”

val1 val2 val3 val4


There were surprise little gift bags for Roy and the boys (we don’t do big gifts etc so I was ticked when Roy bought me oodles of stationery (another who understands my role as Queen Stationery Tart) and some gorgeous flowers.

A great excuse to start Kieran on his first Terry Pratchett book!

A great excuse to start Kieran on his first Terry Pratchett book!

I might have gone slightly overboard with favourite foods – there was slow cooked lasagna, white choc and strawberry cake and more…..

20150214_114907 20150214_115112


Above all though there was lots of laughter, messing about, chilling and games.



Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our family St Valentine’s Day.

Working on his letters

Roy and I were talking today about Taylor starting school in September. THIS September. He turned four in November last year and has been chomping at the bit to get his blue jumper and blue book bag, just like his brother ever since. Where does the time go?

Currently Taylor is out of the house four days a week, two at the local nursery/pre-school and two with his fabulous childminder, Clare. I’m pretty sure Taylor hasn’t realised that going to big school means no longer going to Clare’s house so there are bound to be in tears come July (mine and his).

We decided that to ease the transition between a nursery/CM setting and school that Taylor would join his big brother in the fab local holiday playscheme over the summer which is located in a building on the school grounds. He’ll love it there I’m sure and will be mixing with children who are older so it’s a positive however my youngest being old enough to go seems ridiculous.

Just a few months ago Taylor was Joseph in his nursery nativity.

Just a few months ago Taylor was Joseph in his nursery nativity.

Don’t get me wrong, we are similarly excited about Taylor moving on up to school. He is at that fabulous age when he acts very much like a sponge, soaking up information and experiences like nothing else. I’ll be very proud watching him go into his reception classroom with his jumper slightly too long to grow into and shiny shoes just waiting to be scuffed. Biff, Chip and Kipper will be back in my life and I’ll be once again find myself hunting for costumes for dress up days.
Reception and Infant years are all coming back to me now….

In the main though it’ll be great.

It seems like the end of an era however we have to think of it I suppose as an exciting new start rather than an ending. Who else has not-so little ones going to school in September?

Far too grown up for his own good!

Far too grown up for his own good!

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