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I am a Christmas fiend and make no apologies for it. I adore this time of the year and have already started with my prep.

First up, the house. I love interiors as much as I do Christmas and so in November each year I start thinking about sorting the house out. There’s the obligatory decluttering sessions, the carpets have been cleaned downstairs (local people – look up Heaven Scent Cleaning Services, Michelle worked magic on my cream carpets and was unbelievably affordable!) and then onto revamping the lounge and dining room.

I’ve stolen this absolutely gorgeous piece from my parents and given it a little tart up. This is one of those solid pieces that you loved as a child and cherish when older. The photographs don’t do it justice so I’ll take some more pictures in December when it’s all covered with Christmas decs.


Next up, my bargain of the year (which again will be re-snapped when dressed properly), a new, solid and rather gorgeous extending dining table. An Ebay find from a local seller which was a steal, even including hiring a van man to fetch it for me.

New Table

Of course I needed new Christmas tins. No Christmas is complete without Christmas tins crammed full of fabulous goodies and these beauties were just 3.99 from my favourite supermarket, Lidl. Lovely aren’t they?



And the first new additions to our Christmas decorations (although I suspect these will stay out all year). A real steal these lovely owls from Ribbons and Bows look just fabulous.

New friends

I have Taylor’s birthday on Sunday and Roy’s next week so the “proper” Christmas prep will start in earnest after then. I’ve ticked a fair few bits off the list this week though and just can’t wait to pull it all together with my Christmas decorations and favourite pieces.

None of this cost very much in the grand scheme of things and will all add to our wonderful family home at Christmas time.
How are your Christmas preparations coming along?


If like me you love all things festive head over to Festive Friday, a wonderful collection of posts from fellow Christmas friends, led by the ever inspiring (and quite lovely)  Chris Mosler.

Festive Friday at Thinly Spread


All I want for Christmas this year are some energy efficient, time saving, nice looking appliances. No really!

Last year Roy bought me a steamer mop and an air-fryer and I was thrilled. Christmas isn’t about being bought swanky gifts, of course it isn’t. Christmas is about the kids, about traditions and fun and food and family. That said, if someone wants to buy me something a bit special who am I to argue?

If I had the choice of three appliances this year I would go for…

  1. A Brand Spanking New Microwave
    When my last microwave gave up the ghost I vowed not to buy another. I cook from scratch anyway so why would I need one? I still haven’t bought one and it has been six months now. I don’t need a new microwave, I want I’m not a ready meal fan but the magic that is a reheated cuppa after you’ve left it go cold when in the office, the wonder that are scrambled eggs in three minutes with no pan to scrape clean and the pure genius that is the singing turnip all encourage me to have a new one.
    *Yes, you can microwave a whole turnip (takes anywhere from 14-21 minutes) whole without being pierced, peeled or chopped. You are welcome.
  2. Some Swanky Home Phones
    I use the phone a lot as I work from home full time. We have one handset and our brand of phone is a supermarket value one. I’m all for supermarket value ranges however I have to say that when this one is off the cradle for more than half an hour it beeps loudly and most annoyingly then dies. Besides, the digital display on ours has had it so I can’t work out who are clients and who want to sell me a kidney or reclaim my PPI insurance until I answer. Clearly I need some proper digital DECT phones for my sanity’s sake.
  3. A Really Good Fan
    Yes I am aware that it is November, that it is gloves and hats weather and that we could be expecting snow and ice any minute now. The fact of the matter is my children broke me. Since I was pregnant with Kieran in 2006 my internal thermostat has had a mind of its own. Our bedroom window is open all year round (with a safety catch thanks for any would-be burglars reading) during the night and I have a fan by my side of the bed. I easily overheat so the fan is a must for a good sleep. Roy’s inner thermostat is broken now too however that is more due to me forcing it to bend to my will so it would stop him complaining of the sub-zero temperatures.

Am I the only one shunning jewellery, chocolates, Apple products and the like and secretly hoping for white goods and electricals which will be useful, helpful and much loved throughout the year or are there others like me roaming the internet looking for deals?

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