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Anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter or reads the blog will know that occasionally I do an old-fashioned shameless plug for Precious Parcels.

Someone asked me recently if PP was my business and I have to admit that I almost fell over laughing. I have none of the¬†creativity¬†needed to design the lovely items my friend Natalie does, or the artistic talent. In fact, I was told at school that everyone should take a creative subject when it came to their exams i.e art, drama, music, sewing… but in my case they’d make an exception (how rude!).

No, Precious Parcels is the creation of the lovely Natalie who has been very busy lately. Already offering a site full of gorgeous handmade and personalised items she decided she’d spend last weekend putting together some new ones. Sundays are good days to know about Precious Parcels as over on the Facebook page from 10am-10pm a sale tab appears on the left-hand side where you can pick up some fantastic bargains so today I am pointing you to the sale and showing off these lovely new items.

New personalised clocks!

These clocks are lovely, Kieran has a blue one and adores it. It is his first clock and as he told his cousin it is “a proper grown up one because it tells the time AND has my name on it”. Natalie has extended the clock range as you can see here:

4 new clocks added to the already popular personalised clocks range.

As well as these new clocks she has added some lovely hanging hearts to the site:

So there you have it, my shameless plug for my very creative, hard working and ever so slightly nutty as a fruitcake friend and her fab business Precious Parcels. If you are looking for something new for the home, the kids or as a gift have a nosy at the website and don’t forget that from 10am to 10pm every Sunday the sale tab will appear on Facebook so grab yourself a bargain.

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